Disney Princesses Gone Wild
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[posting for a friend, but extremely interested as well!] I need games/recipes/ideas for a bachelorette party I am throwing. The theme: Disney Princesses Gone Wild

Please no opinions on the validity of the theme. I realize its not everyone's cup of tea but the bride will love it. I am asking the ladies to arrive in a costume based on their favorite princess. The night will probably include dancing/bar hopping at some point but that will hopefully only be part of the fun.

I am looking for any theme-centric ideas to make the night memorable. For example, we thought about having the bride do a photo scavenger hunt to find guys who resemble a list of male Disney characters and take a picture with them. For drinks, I'm thinking of having a spiked tea party before we go out (or at least serve other drinks in teacups).

There are no bad ideas- we're just brainstorming here... What else have you got, MeFi?
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drinking out of glass slippers, eating poisoned apples (dip a bunch of similar size and shape in caramel, whoever picks the "poison" one (a different type, like all fujis and a granny smith) has to ???
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Best answer: OMFG, I love this idea. Haha.


- For snacks with your spiked tea how about sushi/crab legs (aka Little Mermaid eating her friends)

- Long Island Iced Tea for spiked tea!

- Include a picture of the Beast before he became a prince in the photo scavenger hunt - someone needs to find the hairiest dude out there! ha!

- Depending on where you are located, are there any bars with movie-relevant names to bring her to? The Castle pub? The Forest bar and grill? A casino (Alice in Wonderland/house of cards)?

- Definitely need some magic wands and tierras to bring with you as favors.

- Pixie sticks?
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Maybe everyone gets real trashed then does each other's hair? Crass tiara arts and crafts project?
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Best answer: Bring a frog for the bride to kiss. When she kisses him, that's when the music starts and the male stripper comes out.
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Best answer: Karaoke where you sing Disney theme songs in your trashy outfits might be fun.
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Seashell bikini/bra contest. Smallest shells wins?

There was a game I saw in a book of parlor games years ago called "Get the Guest". Basically, it was a scavenger hunt for the more 'interesting' guest to bring to the party. I'm thinking you could adapt to "Get the Prince(ss)"
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+1 to jabes. I was at karaoke where someone sang a song from...the lion king i think? it was incredibly fun, because everyone knows all the words, and there's a lot of fodder for interpretative dance, not to mention awesome duets. you could probably rent out a karaoke place for the night, or crash an existing place if it isn't too busy. practically every place should have disney songs.
based on previous bachelorette experience, finding guys to participate in 'activities' (scavenger hunt, asking sexy questions etc.) is often pretty painful for everyone involved.
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Best answer: How about "poison apples" spiked with booze?

You could set a challenge for people to accomplish before midnight, with whoever fails having to relinquish some item of clothing (or something equally embarrassing).

Bride-to-be plays Sleeping Beauty, gets kissed by series of guys (or girls), has to "wake up" when she recognises her betrothed.

Any frogs kissed should be fake. Please ensure no amphibians are harmed.

Have fun! Don't let Disney's lawyers see you!
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Best answer: I'm almost certain that in your shoes, I'd invent at least one game using images from Disney Ladies From Last Night, a Tumblr that mashes up Texts From Last Night with images from Disney movies.
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Best answer: The Disney Housewives may provide some small inspiration.

Considering recent events here, we may need photo proof of this alleged party
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Best answer: Love this! If you're into baking/crafty, I love the idea of doing a Barbie princess cake (http://cookingwithdoyle.com/index.php/barbie-princess-cake, or google for lots of other recipes/how to's) using a barbie doll that's a Disney Princess such as the Cinderella Barbie, but then dressing her in some sort of scandalous top (or maybe she's topless!).
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p.s. Here is a cheaper Cinderella Barbie: http://www.amazon.com/Disney-Princess-Sparkling-Cinderella-Doll/dp/B004FLK5O6/ref=pd_sim_sbs_t_1
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Best answer: Oh, oh! You definitely need to decorate with images of Disney Heroes by David Kawena.
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Response by poster: So many great answers. You guys are awesome! I'll leave the thread "unresolved" for a bit in case there are any more ideas but I think this party is going to be hilarious.
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A la The Little Mermaid and her Dinglehopper, photo contest to get as many people as possible - strangers, bartenders, etc - to pose with a fork in their hair by the end of the night.
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