Mickey Mouse's Ass on a T-Shirt?
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Where can I get an old-school design "reversed-on-the-back" Mickey Mouse t-shirt?

I'm not a big Disney nerd in the least, but I have had a hankering to own and wear a Mickey Mouse t-shirt that was popular when I was growing up in the later 70s and 80s.

The design consists simply of Mickey Mouse, striking a pose with one arm and foot pointing up in the air, with the words "Mickey Mouse" underneath him, in red cartoony block lettering. The back of this shirt is basically the same thing, but shows Mickey's backside, with the type under him reversed, as if you were standing behind him on a virtual "set"

The thing is, I have had almost no luck even finding an image of this shirt on Google Images, let alone finding a place that still sells them. The closest image I found was this, which portrays the correct Mickey pose, but I still can't find the corresponding "reversed" backside image. And I could've sworn that the image of Mickey on the original design was not as large as the example image shows (I recall it being at least 50% smaller).

I asked about this shirt at the World of Disney store at Disneyland today, and none of the 20-something employees seemed to have any idea what in the hell I was talking about. So I'm assuming this design is WAY the hell out-of-print.

This was a very popular shirt in my day, so I'd like to think that hardcore Disneyphiles have some kind of universally accepted nickname for this shirt design which I can use to target a Google search with. Any ideas?
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out of print. time to make your own.
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Well there's this but I think it's just one image on the front.
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