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Is there anything like Shazaam for iPhone, but better?

The app Shazaam used to be pretty great for identifying songs when you're in a public locale. 90% of the time it would load and present accurate results, to my joy. But in the past, say, six months to a year, it has either stalled out or returned no results. I can only speculate why it sucks now, but that's irrelevant. I would like the awesome service back. Anything comparable? Thanks!
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Response by poster: Also, if you tell me it's better now, I'll be inclined try again. I've just tried *multiple* times to no avail.
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Best answer: SoundHound seems to work pretty well.
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Best answer: Soundtracking is another option, but is less of a what is that song app, and more of a hey, this is what I'm listening to app.
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Best answer: I haven't seen Shazam stall out in a long time. It used to crash, too but I haven't seen that happen in a long time either. It easily grabs 90+% of the music I have it listen to. And the other 10% is pretty obscure. But I'm surprised when it grabs obscure stuff too.
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Best answer: I like SoundHound too.
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Best answer: I've seen this same problem several times - turns out the microphone was dirty on a few of them and in one case it was damaged and the phone had to be replaced by Apple.

On that note, I like SoundHound and Shazam.
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Best answer: Just the other day, I successfully id'd a song from a youtube video played on my laptop of a DJ set in miami recorded from another cellphone. I think Shazam works pretty well.

I'd suspect a hardware problem if it just started working badly recently. Try using sound recorder and playing it back to see how it sounds.
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Best answer: I switched from Shazam to Sound Hound as well, but Shazam was mostly working for me. It was the limit on the free stuff and my uncertainty about what it was going to really cost to upgrade to just being able to punch and get a result that made me switch.

(and thanks for that suggestion, emjay; I probably need to clean my mic off.)
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Best answer: Gizmodo recently had a blog post comparing Shazam and Soundhound. They concluded that Shazam is better for popular music, while Soundound is better for more obscure stuff.
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