Kaiser therapist in San Francisco?
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Good therapist in San Francisco that takes Kaiser insurance?

I'm new to SF and new to Kaiser, and would like to find a therapist. No special needs, just someone to talk to for mental upkeep. I'm looking for myself (male, mid-twenties) and my girlfriend (female, mid-twenties).
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Just to clarify:

Are you looking to go alone, and your girlfriend to go alone...or are you wanting to go in together (couple's therapy)?
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I've had Kaiser off and on for a good portion of my life. The way Kaiser works isn't so much that you go looking for a practitioner. It's they give you a list of people in their group in the area and you try to get an appointment with one of them. Inside the same specialty there is the possibility of switching practitioners if you get one you don't like. But everything is always going to be in house.
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Response by poster: hal_c_on: Solo.

ericales: Yes, I understand. I guess I meant has anyone had a particularly good experience with someone at Kaiser.

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First step: double-check that your coverage actually includes talk therapy. I have pretty good Kaiser coverage, and it doesn't cover therapy. (Medication, yes. Talk therapy, no.) Even when I worked for Kaiser and had the gold-plated Cadillac-level plan, the KP-qua-KP coverage didn't include therapy, it was a supplemental thing, and even then it only covered 20 visits a year.
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I have very comprehensive kaiser coverage and talk therapy is not included, so I would double check (I paid for mine out of pocket). They do have several group programs running - including one on couples communication, IIRC - so you might get some mileage out of your insurance that way, even if it's not ideal.
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