Help us find an awesome, non-traditional "first dance" song for our wedding reception
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Could you please recommend some non-traditional songs that may be suitable for a first dance? Pls. see details inside regarding our musical tastes.

My fiance and I are getting married in less than a month, and we are struggling to find a suitable first dance song. I've seen some other posts asking similar questions, but we're not really type for 'classic' or 'traditional' first dance choices.

As for our music tastes we do like a lot of different music, but mostly we are electronic fans (I heart drum and bass, but doubt that would make for a good first dance song...). We're also hip hop fans (RJD2, Jurassic 5, DJ Shadow). Hospital records and Ninjatune are labels we are huge fans of, so most of those artists are up our alley as well. Not sure if age matters, but I am 30 and my fiance is 27.

Ideally I'd love a down tempo trip-hop type song - think "Sour times" by Portishead or "6 Underground" by Sneaker Pimps but perhaps with some more upbeat lyrics.

So please help us Mefite musical geniuses - help us find a good first dance song!
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Portishead - Give Me a Reason to Love You (mainly for the lyric "For this is the beginning of forever and ever)
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Air - All I Need? Maybe not quite as trip-hop as you'd like, but lyrics definitely work.
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I can't really imagine dancing to this, but since you mentioned Portishead or Sneaker Pimps, what about Protection by Massive Attack? Lyrics sample:

I stand in front of you
I'll take the force of the blow

You're a boy and i'm a girl
But you know you can lean on me
And I don't have no fear
I'll take on any man here
Who says that's not the way it should be

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Or! What about State of Independence by Moodswings ft Chrissie Hynde? (That video is not the best recording of the song, but you get the idea.)

Love like a signal you call
Touching my body my soul
Bring to me, you to meet me here

Home be the temple of your heart
Home be the body of your love
Just like Holy water to my lips
Yes I do know how I survive
Yes I do know why I'm alive
To love and be with you
Day by day by day by day

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Protection would be an excellent choice, as would Everything But The Girl's semi-DnB cover of "Corcovado". While perhaps a bit challenging to dance to, the song is definitely beautiful and would be familiar to older guests, especially if you segued it in to a more traditional version like one by Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis or João Gilberto.

Quiet nights of quiet stars,
Quiet chords from my guitar 
Floating in the silence that surrounds us
Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams,
Quiet walks by quiet streams,
And a window looking on the mountains and the sea.

How lovely! this is where i want to be.
Here, with you so close to me,
Until the final flicker of lifes ember.

I who was lost and lonely,
Believing life was only
A bitter tragic joke, have found with you

The meaning of existence oh, my love.
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This is totally not what you were asking for (acoustic guitar, not electronic), but something about the mood struck me as similar to Portishead (without the wailing!). Have you heard the M. Ward version of Let's Dance?

In the same vein: Peter Gabriel's cover of Book of Love.

"Feeling Good" by Alice Russell/Quantic Soul Orchestra? (Blocked on YouTube due to copyright; sorry!)

Something from the Verve Remixed albums? Gotan Project, etc.
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Or! Take Care by Beach House. (I'm tempted to use this one myself!)
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Well I am hoping I at least got the general feel down with some of these:

Lalibela by Caribou
Sound of Love by Husky Rescue
The Day We Fell In Love by Appaloosa

If you were just looking for general electronica that's something I'd swing for upbeat and romantick I would have suggested Valentine by Justice, Singin' In The Rain by Mint Royale, Easy Love by MSTRKRFT, Forever by Walter Meego, Beautiful Life by Gui Boratto, maybe even girl boy by aphex twin.
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My son, who shares your taste in music, recommends Darren Styles' original mix of Save Me.

If you want something a little perkier he recommends any of these:

Aurora's cover of Duran Duran's Ordinary World, featuring Naimee Coleman.

Scott Brown's remix of Styles & Breeze's You're My Angel.

OceanLab's Beautiful Together (Signum radio edit).
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Bjork - All is Full of Love?
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When In Rome, The Promise
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Supreme Beings of Leisure - So Much More?
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New Order - Faith or Bizzare Love Triangle
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Massive Attack, Teardrop (although this one may be ruined by the intro to House unfortunately) or angel? I think massive attack might have more that could be up your alley...
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RJD2 Ghostwriter

It's instrumental, so the dance motions can do the talking and impart the love.
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Response by poster: Oh wow, thank you for all your responses. I am stuck at work, but dying to check out all of these ideas... I will do so tonight!
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If you're still looking, what about Air's "Venus"?
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