Flash Crash
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Why does my Flash Crash?

Recently installed Firefox 4 and the latest Adobe Flash Player version, which crashes after each YouTube play, etc. Only takes me three seconds to re-install Flash and play it once again, but there is a conflict here that I can't resolve. Running Vista and NoScript, but I don't think I have changed any settings, and it used to work fine. Why will it play once, but not twice?
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Because that's what Flash does.

I'm not trying to be snarky or anything, but Flash is a bag of worms (which is why Apple refuses to allow it on its iPhone / iPad platforms).

For YouTube, there is an alternative. The upcoming HTML standard provides for streaming video without Flash, and most YouTube videos can be viewed that way. Just go to http://YouTube.com/html5, and sign up for the HTML "beta." (It's been going on for about a year). Then close your browser and re-open it. Go to YouTube again. Voila! Videos!
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Flash is a pile of shit and crashes all the time.

That said, try a different browser. Try clearing out all your temporary internet files. Try clearing out all your cached flash files.
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Btw, that flash page that i just linked to on adobe's website just now crashed flash on my laptop. Flash is terrible and needs to die.
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Response by poster: Clearing cached files did the trick, empath. Thanks.
I didn't realize that setting zero storage space doesn't remove previously cached files.
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Response by poster: I take that back. Still crashing.
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I had the same problem. Then I got a Flash update which solved the problem.

If you're still having trouble after updating to the latest Flash player, my suggestion is to downgrade Firefox to the latest 3.0 version. Firefox 4.0 has been pretty buggy so far, especially with Flash.
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seconding using anoher browser, firefox flash support is lousy
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Have you checked that your audio and video drivers are all up to date? I believe flash will use hardware acceleration so it depends on decent driver support.
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You might want to double-check your PC for malware too, just in case. I'd venture to guess that about 60% or more of home PCs have malware on them of varying degrees.

You can also try disabling the plugin container which has worked for other Firefox users experiencing the same issue.

Another thing to try to narrow things down, try disabling everything else you can think of (temporarily) to see if there's a conflict occuring. (your crash logs may also shed some light on this). For example, try disabling all other plugins except for flash. Or try disabling your virus scanner, firewall, and any other running apps in your systray or in memory.
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