Using "Record" plus "Lexicon Alpha" with my guitar?
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how to hook up Record, Lexicon Alpha, and my Guitar?

So this is what I'm doing:

I'm trying to record myself playing my electric guitar with the software "Record" (which came with Reason). Okay. The guitar is now plugged into my Alpha Lexicon audio interface. The interface is plugged, USB-ly, into my MacBook. The interface is lit up. Record is open (for the first time). Headphones are plugged into the interface. I hear static coming out of the interface and into the headphones, but I don't hear my guitar through there.

That is, no guitar sound comes through the interface (or the laptop's speaker.)

I am not able to see a tutorial that will help me get this set up.

I don't know how to look for the interface on the Record screen, if you see what I mean. I can't find it, so I can't see what driver I'm using, or if I need to download some other driver, or if Record even knows that the interface is there, or anything like that.

Any help with this greatly appreciated!

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I've never used that app, but there should be a way to tell it what hardware to use. If not, try making the Lexicon the default audio in/out device in your system preference - perhaps Record just uses your system's defaults.
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Record is awesome, but not quite as intuitive as you might hope.

Make sure you've created an Audio Track, then look in the sequencer window (F7) to find the track.

Select the audio track you just created by clicking on the far left part of it. In the bottom left of the track's label window you'll see a tuning fork and a little triangle. Click on the little triangle to see the list of available audio inputs. If you don't see your Alpha Lexicon listed, you may need to install some drivers.

Select the appropriate input channel, then play your guitar. You may need to click the little speaker icon (also in the audio track label window) to monitor your input. It will turn green when you are listening ("monitoring") your input channel.

Click on the tuning fork to change the meter from a level meter to a tuning meter. Tune up before every take! Press asterisk to start recording.

There is a great series of tutorial vids on the website, although you may need to click around to find them. (Don't get me started on Swedes and their bizarre UI implementations...)

Especially look for the video on Loop Recording. It will blow your mind.

Feel free to memail me if you need more info. I am currently working on three album projects built entirely in Record - it is an excellent complement to ye olde Reason.
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Response by poster: Thank you! Preferences worked.
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