How to sync notes across devices securely?
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Looking for a secure way to sync Evernote (or other not-taking service) among multiple devices including at last a droid, iPad, and laptop

Evernote provides an option to encrypt highlighted text within a particular note, but as far as I can tell, not a whole notebook. For work, I want to be able to sync my notes across multiple devices, but I don't want to deal with the hassle of highlight-and-encrypt. I thought about putting my notebook file in dropbox, and syncing that, but I don't think the iPad/android clients give me the option to point at a non-default notebook database. Is there a way to make something like this work, either with Evernote or another client?

Note that I read this thread already, but am hoping there's a better answer now than there was then
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An easy way to secure everything is when you're out and about, connect to the Internet via VPN. I'd be surprised if your router didn't have the option of running a VPN server. Turn that on and get a dyndns account and you're all set.
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Brian Puccio, sorry I wasn't clear, but I'm looking for options that store the notes on the central server in an encrypted format.

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Ahhh, OK, I thought you were just worried about someone sniffing your traffic.

A previous Ask MeFi from 2009 mentioned

While I cannot find any information about this on Evernote's website, this article says:
Your user name and password, however, are always encrypted in transit, according to the company, and passwords aren’t stored on its servers—even if you have a free account. For premium users ($5 a month or $45 a year) all of the data, not just user names and passwords, are encrypted.
So it seems you can either use threetags or pay for Evernote's encryption.
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