Where can I get a "male makeover" if such a thing exists?
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Is there such a thing as a place where you can get a "male makeover"? Or get fashion advice for guys? I'm in NYC, which might make it easier.
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I suspect a lot of people will suggest a personal shopper, but I must say this is generally a great business idea.
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My wife recently did this using a company called Chic Inspiration, which also provides services for men. It was not cheap, but she was extremely happy.
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Very cool. I'll definitely check that out. Thanks!

If there was a service that also helped with other aspects (like hair, etc) along with, or separate from fashion, that would also be awesome to know.
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I think Chic Inspiration may be able to help with things other than just clothing - ask them, they're friendly. Also, you can try me-mailing mccn for more information. I know that she also knows of some other services which are cheaper.
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A male acquaintance went to Guerrilla Makeovers in SF and was very pleased with the outcome. Maybe they'd be willing to give you a NYC ref?
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