smitten my kitchen?
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I adore Smitten Kitchen. What other food blogs should I follow?

I've seen these two questions and been through the links there, but didn't get terribly much out of them. Things I love about Smitten Kitchen:

- Unfussy, tasty food that does not use super-expensive or rare ingredients.

- Gorgeous photography.

- Lots of solid recipes for both sweets and savory food.

- Unpretentious author.

Examples: I like reading Accidental Hedonist, but it isn't recipe-heavy enough for me. Serious Eats is nice, but I'm don't need their restaurant reviews because they make me think about all the restaurants I'd love to go to, but can't. Same for Amateur Gourmet, and photos don't make me itch for a Speedlite, which is crucial, because I need to be motivated to actually cook. Ffoodd is appropriately gorgeous, but usually too sweet-centric, and it's an aggregator, so recipes aren't always reliable.

Any blogs I should read, like yesterday?

Extra points for blogs that do a lot of food you can make on the weekend and eat through the week, or salads to throw together with a minimum of fuss each night and eat through the week.
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David Lebovitz immediately comes to mind. But mostly sweets.
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The Pioneer Woman is awesome!
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Illustrated Bites doesn't exactly have gorgeous photography but gorgeous line drawings. Especially check out the easy soda bread if baking's your thing.
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The Bitten Word! Partners Clay and Zach cook recipes from various food magazines.
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Seconding Pioneer Woman, also Melissa Clark.

I also quite like thekitchn, but you'll have to wade through things you may not be interested in to find what you want.
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Dispatches from Whitcomb Street (by Metafilter's own peachfuzz) is pretty great.
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I really like Vanilla Sugar. It's like comfort food, only better. It seems to fit all your requirements. It might even be less pretentious than Smitten Kitchen (which I also read).
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I think 101 Cookbooks is very similar to Smitten Kitchen.
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Nthing the Pioneer Woman. I also like Becky Bakes for desserts.
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Ok, so I'm going to just put all my food and cooking blog links down here. My experience in finding these blogs was that I just had to look at a lot of links until I found ones I reliably liked. Since I've got a lot to link, I'll likely be repeating what others have suggested because I'm not going to preview (because I suck, I suck!).

Coconut & Lime
Gluten-Free Girl
Matt Bites
Tastespotting aggregator
101 Cookbooks
Eat, Drink & Be Merry
La Tartine Gourmande
Andrea’s Recipe Box
Domestic Goddess
Oishii Eats
chez pim
Chocolate & Zucchini
Haute Apple Pie
Michael Ruhlman

Again, sorry for the giant link dump, but I think it is worth wandering through. And thank you for asking this because I'm always looking for new ones to add to the giant open all in tabs moment that happens once a week or so.
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Even though I have no kids, and really no one but myself, there are some yummy things on Full Bellies, Happy Kids
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Another vote for Orangette. She hasn't been posting super often lately, but you can go back through the archives easily. That, Smitten Kitchen, and Mark Bittman are basically where I get all my recipe inspiration from these days.
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I love Simply Recipes.
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justJENN recipes -- she often skews more sweet than savory, but she has a bunch of both. She's very creative and just a bunch of fun.
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Homesick Texan, a similarly written weblog with good photography and a great index of recipes.
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I LOVE Tastes Like Home, which focuses on Guyanese cookery. I'm ready to go out and get some cassava so I can try the cassava chips she's featuring right now.

Some favourites:

- Red Lentil Koftas (which are actually Turkish, but still...)
- Bacon Wrapped Plantains
- Jamaican Beef Patties (I'm working on my own variations, but this was an awesome start)
- Roasted Corn
- Meatballs
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For simple, regular food that I'll actually make, I like Annie's Eats and Elly Says Opa.
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Budget Bytes!
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In addition to many of the other blogs already mentioned, I like Seven Spoons and Anthimeria for reliable, simple recipes.
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Ezra Pound Cake
Delicious Days
Hilah Cooking (This chick is SUCH a badass. Her videos are hilarious.)
Canelle et Vanille (the photography is unbearably beautiful)
What We're Eating
Alison's Lunch
The Fantastic Mr. Feedbag
Laurie Constantino

Full disclosure: those last three are fellow Alaskan bloggers, and Laurie has a link to my blog on hers. But I've found that sometimes obscure blogs are the most interesting (and least likely to have 5 million ads for kitchen tchochkies and corporate food smut)
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Gorgeous photography. About half the dishes are Malaysian which can include some specialty ingredients, but I've enjoyed expanding my repertoire. Otherwise the other recipes are fairly simple, and straightforward.
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Joy the Baker!
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and shutterbean!
posted by sucre at 3:47 PM on March 27, 2011 -- beautiful photography, simple tasty food.
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2 Stews -- a flight attendant who flies into Paris (mostly) and other European cities and posts pictures and recipes of yummy food!
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The Kitchen Sink Recipes

Yummy Supper
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I like discovering blogs (and recipes) through Tasteologie.

I also like the Japanese recipes at Just Hungry (by the author of Just Bento), but whether you consider the ingredients rare/exotic depends on where you live and whether you consider going to farmers' markets and so-called ethnic grocery stores to be troublesome. Only some of the recipes even require this, though. The author is very down-to-earth and not interested in being fussy. :)
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The Craving Chronicles (by mefi's own geeky) has gorgeous, magazine-worthy photography, and a good mix of recipes that leans slightly heavily toward sweets (uh, my favorite part).
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Let me introduce you to bitchincamero. For sweets, I can personally attest that her recipe for gingery olive oli granola is amazing. Like, really REALLY amazing. For savory dishes, check out her recipes for chorizo, chickpea & sweet potato soup and thick and hearty lamb ragu.
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The Spice Spoon? It and Smitten Kitchen are the only two blogs I've taken and cooked multiple recipes from. I agree that there are a lot of uninspirig food blogs out there.
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The Lemurs Are Hungry
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Best answer: Anger burger is one of the wittiest, and down to earth food blags.
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I'd stick to Amateur Gourmet. Plus, I hear he used to be a MeFite. :p
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Ruth Reichl is not primarily a blogger (though she does maintain a blog) but her books on food are fantastic if you haven't checked them out before.
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Great question and lots of great responses. My current fave is Tastespotting (noted above) which gives a quick visual scan of many great recipes being discussed on the blogs. Most of the best food blogs have been cited making this a great thread for future reference. Some other great blogs include The English Kitchen which is very similar to Smitten Kitchen in presentation style and Joe Pastry which is, at least in my opinion, the finest pastry blog anywhere (try the World Peace Cookies and French Brownies, they are both to die for).
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I love Use Real Butter - Jen Yu knows delicious.
posted by lottie at 7:34 PM on March 27, 2011, solid recipes and Chef John is hysterically funny (at least I think so).
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Foodgawker is similar to Tastespotting, but different enough that it is fun to check both. I found Closet Cooking through one of those sites. The author tends to go through phases, like a week of beans or something similar, so it can be a little repetitive, but I love his photos and he has some interesting recipes.

I also love The Wednesday Chef. She doesn't post very often but has a wonderful archive.

The Pioneer Woman has a sort of mini-AllRecipes site called Tasty Kitchen, which has its own blog. Nearly every post is done by a different food blogger so you get a lot of different styles, voices, and recipes. I love PW, but sometimes you need a break from ranch food!
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Seconding the recommendation for Anger Burger. Weird name, great blog.
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Please check out noble pig - I like her cooking style and she's pretty funny.
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Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
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I'm psyched to get the chance to plug my new favorite, Closet Cooking. It's a pretty unassuming blog, but the author is very imaginative. His Korean Spicy BBQ Chicken Tacos are devastatingly good. (It looks like a lot of work but so very worth it. And keep a gallon of the Korean Salsa Roja on hand. It's better than heroin.)
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People already gave shout outs to my faves Orangette, The Wednesday Chef, and Amateur Gourmet, so here's one I just found: foodo' del mundo. It's much less polished feeling, right down to the excited overuse of punctuation and unconventional recipe formatting, but the photos and ideas in it (particularly cakes and salads) are fab. Also, if someone hasn't mentioned 101 Cookbooks yet that's worth a browse too. And Dorie Greenspan's blog. And one of the first-gen food bloggers, Chocolate and Zucchini.
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I like The Way the Cookie Crumbles (in addition to a bunch of the ones already listed.)
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Lottie + Doof
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Crepes of Wrath!
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Best answer: if you listen to podcasts at all, Spilled Milk (which is done by Molly of Orangette fame and Matthew of Roots and Grubs) makes me ridiculously happy every time a new one is posted.
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The Cilantropist
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I keep a recipe log on tumblr and my tastes run to chocolate and meat.

When I want to make a meal list for the next week I just keep hitting random until I get what I need/want.
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My current fave is Tastespotting (noted above) which gives a quick visual scan of many great recipes being discussed on the blogs.

I used to love Tastespotting but something has gone awry with the RSS feed and/or Netvibes grabbing of it and neither seem to care.
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