I need more smitten in my kitchen.
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Could you please suggest some new food blogs to me in the vein of Smitten Kitchen?

Here are a few of the reasons I love Smitten Kitchen and would be also want to apply to your suggestions:

1) The photos are wonderful food porn.

2) She tells stories before getting into the recipe itself and it's almost like she's talking personally to me about her reasons behind choosing today's recipe and about her new baby.

3) The recipes are not super over-the-top but yet aren't full of canned or frozen ingredients. AKA I can handle them all even though I haven't taken cooking classes yet they still take effort and require nice fresh foods.

4) She has a great recipe index that I can go to when I have specifics in mind.

I've tried adding site that aggregate food blog entries like foodgawker but it just ended up flooding my RSS feed. I need a few more food blogs like hers because, to be honest, I've made most of the dinner recipes she has posted and I need more!
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Best answer: Savory Sweet Life
Delicious Days
101 Cookbooks
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Response by poster: Mmm yes 101 Cookbooks is exactly what I'm looking for.
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Tastespotting: foodporn overdose
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Chocolate and Zucchini, esp. if you're into French culture.
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Whoops, I've never seen foodgawker before. Looks like tastespotting is right along the same lines of what you don't want... I'll try to read the question from start to finish next time.
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The mixed greens blog has some amazing photography and is all about the slow food/local recipes around seattle/PNW.
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Response by poster: OOOh bonus points for PNW stuff TheBones - I just moved to Seattle a couple weeks ago and am excited to embrace my new non-midwestern food culture!
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Two other food blogs that I love and find very accessible are Annie's Eats and Pioneer Woman Cooks. They're both in the same vein as SK, and have tons of great recipes (I have one on the go as I type this). I am pretty certain you'll love both of them :)
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Best answer: I was about to suggest 101 Cookbooks, but I didn't know if you were more of a meat-centric person. Here are some more you may like:

In Praise of Leftovers
Anthimeria (when she blogs about food, which is most of the time; very much a storyteller)
Closet Cooking
Lottie + Doof
Orangette (Molly Wizenburg's kind of a big deal in the food blogger world, what with A Homemade Life and Delancey, but her archive organization leaves a lot to be desired.)
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Orangette's my perennial favorite food blog; I find her writing head and shoulders above the rest, and she has a style that feels younger and hipper but also more understated than a lot of food blogs that jives perfectly with my own approach, but of course YMMV. Her blog roll links are full of other food obsessed folks I also really like; Luisa Weiss' The Wednesday Chef comes to mind. Dorie Greenspan is also great.
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Best answer: Smitten Kitchen's my favourite food blog for all the reasons you mention, and I don't think any other blogger ticks all the boxes quite the way Deb does. Having said that, these are pretty good:

Tea & Cookies
Vicious Ange
The Bitten Word
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The Pioneer Woman Cooks is one of my favorite cooking blogs for all of the reasons you listed above...fantastic pictures, recipes that alternate between fresh and non ingredients, and her writing style makes me feel like she's standing next to me in the kitchen. It's not exactly the same as Smitten Kitchen, because there are step-by-step pictures as well, but she gives a recipe at the end of every post as well.
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It's more "genre" food, but I really love Homesick Texan. Similar vibe as Smitten Kitchen -- stories, explanations, great photos -- with the kicker that her recipes are all inspired by the food she ate growing up in Texas. Worth it for her Tex-Mex enchilada recipe alone. (Of course, I am myself a homesick Texan, so YMMV.)
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Poppy Barach one of the 2 contributors of the mixed greens blog is also a professional photographer who specializes in food and food porn. Both her and Sally are local artisans in Seattle and great people to boot. There's also a page up with local purveyors.
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I like momofuku for 2.

It's written by a home cook cooking for herself and her husband. Each post typically has a personal anecdote of a childhood memory or something that happened while cooking and hunting for ingredients.

While the premise is in cooking through the momofuku cook book, it's frequently interspersed with home recipes and other inspirations.

Updated once a day and the food porn shots usually include a bit of prep as well as the finished product.

Full disclosure: I do know the author of the site in real life.
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Best answer: A lot of the blogs listed above are really good ones! I also like soupbelly, although most of her posts lately are more about her pregnancy and move and not her recipes. But worth a trip through the archives.
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My endodontist started yapping to me about his wife's blog during a root canal. I was surprised that it--called merrygourmet.com--is actually pretty awesome.
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Smitten Kitchen is definitely wonderful. There are some excellent links above, and I'd like to add 17 and Baking to the list for bread and sweets. She's young, but the recipes are great, her stories are engaging, and the photos are lovely.
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I like Joy the Baker and Tartlette.
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I love Simply Recipes (each entry is more than just a recipe, not to worry).
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No Recipes
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Scrumptious South Africa
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My Own Sweet Thyme is not a super-frequent blogger, but she's very worthwhile. The "backstory" imbues her recipes with a wonderful sense of place and time. Her main focus is on traditional southern cooking, but she ranges beyond that quite frequently as well.
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I think you might like Matt Bites. It's very charmingly written and the photography is wonderful.

If you're into baking, you should also check out Baking Banter on the King Arthur Flour website. The stories that go along with the recipes are surprisingly engaging/personal for a blog run by a large company, and I've found all the recipes to be quite reliable and simple.
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Oh, and I can't believe I forgot The Traveler's Lunchbox!
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David Lebovitz, although most of the recipes are sweets, not dinners.
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Thursday Night Smackdown is my favorite. Good photos, a wicked and swear-filled sense of humor, and fun cooking-related non-recipe posts like "awesome shit I want" and Top Chef live blogging. Worth it for the humor alone, worth it for the recipes alone, awesome that they're together in one spot.
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Mentioned above but worth linking to, The Wednesday Chef.
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I'm quite a fan of Seattle based Not So Humble Pie.
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I love cheaphealthygood.blogspot.com
I know this is not "linked" correctly, but if someone could explain linking for dummies, I would do it right....
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My favorite subject.. A good list so far.

I'd like to add a couple that I follow that haven't been mentioned.

Andrea Nguyen's Viet World Kitchen
Michael Ruhlman's blog (author of Making of a Chef and Soul of a Chef and others)
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Seconding Traveler's Lunchbox. Wonderful writing style - my favorite of all the numerous food blogs I visit. If you like SK, I am sure you'll like TL.
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I was going to recommend The Pioneer Woman, Closet Cooking, Simply Recipes and Wednesday Chef, but will have to settle for reiterating them!

Another one I recently discovered is Steamy Kitchen. She has great photos, a fairly wide variety of not-too-complicated and delicious recipes, and her archive includes thumbnail photos of the listed recipes. It's fantastic!
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Picky Cook.

It's all vegetarian, but oh my is it good. That and Smitten Kitchen are the 2 go tos for us.

Ok, and Mark Bittman.
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Raccoon and Lobster

It has two adorable dogs too, in addition to fun recipes and great photos.
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Cafe Fernando - every dish has a story and he's a really terrific writer. Turk living in San Francisco and a great variety of food.
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Yummy Supper!
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Seconding Chocolate & Zucchini (in no small part because I love her monthly desktop calendars), Mark Bittman, and Simply Recipes.

I am a huge fan of The Amateur Gourmet, so that gets a hearty recommendation from me! I think it fits your specs perfectly.

Also The Kitchn from the Apartment Therapy Website.

And you may have to scroll through stuff you're not interested in to get to the stuff you like (if you have the time), but it's hard not to find SOMETHING awesome on Serious Eats.
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Yeah, I came in to suggest Serious Eats and the food porn Photograzing section that links to other sites, often with detailed back-stories.
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I just found Deb's RSS feed for all the blogs she follows: Grub It's pretty satisfying, and has turned up a few blogs that fit your description.

You'll have to google for the adorable baby pictures, though.
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I am a huge fan of The Amateur Gourmet, so that gets a hearty recommendation from me!

Me too! It's one of the few food blogs I've been able to stick with for a long time. And he's also a Mefite!
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Best answer: Noble Pig: when I discovered this one, I went all the way back through her archives and read every post.
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Another vote for Serious Eats, which is even easier to follow and get to the good stuff if you subscribe to their newsletters.
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I also like "The Paupered Chef" and "Lick My Balsamic." The latter hits you on the food porn note, but his recipes are quite sketchy. Not sketchy bad, sketchy basic --- he doesn't spell out his steps to the depth that Deb does. (e.g., "blanched a handful of fresh spinach leaves in a 50/50 mixture of chicken stock and water with a splash of olive oil and a pinch of salt," in damn-that-looks-good post on Rustic Goat Cheese Tortellini.) But his inventiveness with ingredients and techniques I think makes up for it.

The Paupered Chef lads can sometimes get a wee bit over the top with their manly cooking obsessions, but they're usually even more fun to read when they do. (A pig's jawbone hung in a discarded refrigerator? Really, lads? Oooookay...). And I admire their willingness to go to extremes in the quest for perfection. Also, this killer bean technique.
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