Where can I buy a modern, stylish necktie these days?
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Where can I buy a modern, stylish necktie these days? What should I look for? I'm in Manhattan and in my mid-30s. Also open to online shopping suggestions.

I don't dress up much but when I do, I rely on a single kind of a blah necktie I bought ten years ago. I will need to dress up more and more soon and I want to look nice, but not like a Wall Street/country club dude. Also interested in any dress-shirt recommendations....?
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I like Hermes ties when I want something slightly less stodgy (normally I wear Brooks Brothers ties, but I'm thinking that's probably not what you want). Hermes is still fairly conservative, but more interesting than the standard solids and repp stripe. I also have some Brioni and Kiton ties I like. Again, not totally wild and crazy -- not sure if that's what you're looking for.

Brooks Brothers is my standard dress shirt. Slim fit, non-iron. I used to hate non-iron shirts, and I still have some skepticism (I have about half non-iron and half standard), but the BB ones are really good and I don't have to take them to the cleaner (I despise ironing and feel bad when my wife has to do it, so I always take the ones that do require ironing to the cleaners rather than do it myself).
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I love Missoni ties, but they are very expensive.
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Is there any reason you haven't checked Barneys? Definitely dress up but not so country club. They also carry all the brands sharding mentions.
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This is in the previous link, but I would like to second Cyberoptix Tie Lab. I've bought several as gifts, and they're beautifully done. There's a pretty good range from out-there to tasteful-with-a-bit-of-an-edge. Pair with this and you can't go wrong.
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Thomas Pink.
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Hermes ties, while very nice, are also the definition of Wall Street wear. If you want to spend money buying nice new ties, there's an entire city of options there for you. Here's a less obvious one: take a look at Seigo Katsuragawa's tie shop. They have lovely kimono silk woven specially in Japan for very small runs of their ties. You can also go cheaper and still find very nice ties at discounters like Nordstrom Rack (they often have, e.g., Ben Sherman ties there, on the less stodgy side). But really, this is what thrift stores were made for. Check into a few Housing Works shops and you'll be all set.
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Thirding Cyberoptix - we ordered a bunch for our wedding and they were gorgeous. Great customer service, too.
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Also popped in to vote for Cyberoptix. Every single time my husband puts his on, he gets compliments from not only our friends, but the generations above and below us as well.
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Also Paul Smith.
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Oh, a grenadine tie!

Can be dressed up or down and draws interest because of its texture, not some silly design.
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Try Mike at Epaulet. Can help you with neckwear and shirting.
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Kenneth Cole. Hugo Boss. They both have stores with ties in Manhattan.

For dress shirts, I always get "non-iron" shirts from Brooks Brothers. They have several stores in Manhattan. The one with the most options is at 346 Madison Ave. @ 44th St. Ask them to measure you so you know your size. I have a lot of solid white and solid light blue shirts, plus some striped and checkered shirts for variety.
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I have an XMI tie i like a lot, it looks like they're sold at a place called Rothman's at 200 Park Ave. South.
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for unique fancy (even though it can take some work to find a shop you like), i recommend etsy.
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Another vote for Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts. Very useful when travelling a lot for work. The slim fit ones are quote good, the normal ones a a bit baggy on my frame.

I like Zegna or Ferrogamo for ties that are nicely made and not too outlandish.
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Steven Alan makes the best dress shirts, in all types of stripes, solids, and plaids. They come in two different cuts and four different collar types, so try on a bunch and see which combination suits you best.

They'll also have some interesting ties. Won't have the largest selection, but they'll all be bold, young and hip.
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Scouting visits to Brooks Bros, Cyberoptix, Barneys and Alexander West today made for a great shopping trip. You guys are awesome.
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Get thee to Paul Stuart. Ties are the one an ONLY thing they ever, ever put on sale, and contrary to what you may have read above, these are the true power ties of the Street, not Hermes. Hermes is not C-Suite, it's an overpriced 70+hour wannabe C-Suite tie. And quite new-money looking, generally. If you can't afford Stuart, then slum it next door at BB for something that's at least presentable, if not durable.

However, if you have the suits you want to match a tie with, go to The Shirt Store on 44th, just off Vanderbilt, bring/wear the shirt and suit you want to match, and have them match them for you. A (small) step down in quality from Hermes and Stuart, but they will match them with the preternatural ability of a jazz age vampire. The point being that a tie does not exist in vacuum, and a good match to your shirt and suit (and marchettes, etc.) is sometimes more important than a brand name.

I've also had fairly good luck, believe it or not, with Ralph Lauren ties, especially the paisley ones. Downside= constant pressing and early fading.

Also bear in mind that you must match the width/material of the tie and your choice of knot to the your collar shape, e.g., four in hand, my personal go-to, looks awful with smallish collars.

Um... I'll stop now. I've hand out with a fancy dress otaku far too often for my own good, clearly.
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