Drive me crazy, keyboard cat
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Catwalkedacrossmykeyboard filter: My cat sauntered across the keyboard of my Powerbook G4 (running 10.4.11) while I was using it last night, and now the display-- the desktop-- is responding weirdly to the cursor. Help?

When I move the cursor, the whole damn background + icons move. Moving the cursor now, with a browser window open, slides the whole browser window around. The icons don't all display at once, and I have to move the cursor around to locate them off the "edges" of the display. It's as if the desktop is somehow exists in a larger space than the display, and as I move the cursor the whole window shifts to give me a view of the hidden parts. I have tried the obvious: restarting, looking for a way to change it in the Finder's view options, checking system preferences, sleeping on it and trying again, and attempting to phrase a question for MacHelp (not too productive). What am I overlooking, and how can I change it back? If it's any help, he walked across the top part of the keyboard, going left to right, and managed to open up Spotlight at the same time.
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Try hitting Command-Option-8. Your cat may have turned on screen zoom.
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Yup, that sounds like screen zoom. Settings for it are under "Universal Access" in system prefs (since it's intended for people with visual impairments).
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THANK YOU so much! Instant fix. Askme, you're the best.

Now, if you could just tell my cat to quit laughing at me, we'd be good to go.
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If your cat keeps giving you attitude, play Scarlatti's Cat Fugue (harpsichord performance YT link here) and lay a good-for-nothing-no-talent-slacker guilt trip on him.
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Flagged Quietgal's comment as catfilter.
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As a cat owner whose cat woke him up by waking his laptop up at 3am this morning with an errant have my sympathy.
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"Errant", huh? I'd double check that....
posted by jokeefe at 11:59 PM on March 19, 2011

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