Tiger Blood! It's got what Vatican assassin warlocks crave!
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Have any products or industries capitalized on Charlie Sheen's rants?

1: I know of lots of parodies or humorous takes on Charlie Sheen's recent comments; are there companies taking advantage of the publicity, or naming products after some of the more popular phrases? Or would it take a little while to roll something like that out, perhaps longer than the media cycle of interest for Sheen's comments?

2: If there are not actual products, are there any ad campaigns taking this approach?

3: Does Charlie Sheen have some rights to his phrasing that aren't infringed by Sheen Family Circus, but would be a problem if I wanted to sell something?

I could totally see "Tiger Blood" as some kind of energy drink, and "Vatican Assassin Warlock" sounds waaaaay more potent than "Sour Diesel", but since I don't make energy drinks or operate a dispensary in California, these questions are mostly curiosity.
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There's this, for one.
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My local radio station is certainly making hey with it. They do a daily "Through the eyes of Charlie Sheen" bit.
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Tshirts and other swag on Zazzle. A search for "charlie sheen" brings up 3200+ results.
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Pretty trivial to add items to a restaurant menu. There's a Charlie Sheen burger at Bartley's in Harvard Square: "A teriyaki burger topped with grilled onions, mushrooms and peppers, served with French fries. Comes with 20 ounces of Coke."
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The TV station that syndicates Two and a Half Men here has been advertising the fact that they've got tiger blood.
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Well some producer(s) and Charlie Sheen are doing a one man show tour. The tickets to the shows in Radio City Music Hall are sold out.
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I just heard an ad on the radio today for a Mini Cooper dealership in Austin that was capitalizing on Sheen by using ad copy like "When gas prices go all Charlie Sheen, Mini..." and "It doesn't run on tiger blood, but..." Frankly, I felt like they missed a chance to say "Winning" at the end.
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Not sure if this qualifies as an industry or product, but on the news ( Canadian) the other day they showed a place in the States that was promoting a Charlie Sheen hockey night. Fans had cutouts of his face on hand holders and wore bowling shirts as well as hats looking like him. I didn't catch all of it, but I think they also said something about fans got something free ( admission perhaps??) for passing a drug test.
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I know that Hot Topic is now selling shirts with multiple Charlie Sheen designs on them. I think on the website there were no fewer than four different shirts. Marketing the lunacy to 14 year old scene kids, I guess.
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