Baby's got thighs; wants more back...
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Exercise filter: Ladies, you know how your hips and thighs look smaller from the front when you squeeze your butt? What exercises help to build the musculature to hold that look/posture?

Just to clarify, I do not hate my body shape. I've gotten into a good strength training groove recently, and I want to see what I can do with this area of my body above and beyond the strength I've built with regular squats and lunges. Yes, this is also vanity driven.
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Deadlifts work the hamstrings and posterior chain. You also might want to look into stretching all the various bits of the hips - part of what happens when you squeeze all that together is that you pull your pelvis all the way down. If you do a lot of sitting and your hip flexors are really tight, your natural posture will be more bent-over and that makes your hips look wider. (At least, it appears to from my posturing in the mirror.)
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Pilates is all about squeezing your butt and lower abs.
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2nding pilates. It's all about that long-lean look
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Response by poster: Aha, that bent over posture is part of anterior pelvic tilt, which I found out about here.This comment about is is good, as is the whole thread.
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The iPhone Nike Training Club app has great workouts for this. In particular, there's a 15 minute workout called the Butt Buster that has a bunch of exercises (hip lifts, side planks) that focus on toning these muscles. I'm pretty much addicted to this app.
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Best answer: Squat heavier than you are, and deadlift heavier than that.
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Best answer: Barre-based exercise (Bar Method, Dailey Method, PureBarre, Core Fusion, etc.) will also help with this although they are really, really tough.
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Response by poster: Great, I thought something balet-related might be the answer given that 'first position' is very close to the pose I had in mind. The two above are marked favorite because they are so specific.
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Response by poster: That's ballet...blush...
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