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I want to get my hair cut and dyed an interesting (read: bright, unnatural) colour. Where in Vancouver (BC) should I get this done? I'm specifically looking for a place that has experience working with Asian hair.
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I know someone in Abbotsford that does unatural colors very well. Not sure on the Asian hair experience though. If you don't find someone closer, I'll dig up her number.
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Joji's Hair Salon
Street: 1126 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, bc V5L3X2-
Phone: (604) 255-5858

Mel is awesome.
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IME almost every cool downtown place has lots of experience with Asian hair. I'd say it might be a novelty to a hairdresser in some parts of the US, but Vancouver? Nah. Just let them know when you call, because it can take a little while longer during the bleaching stage.

Suki's, Bangtown, Lounge, Ignite, Is Salon... I'm sure there are others!
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