Need more Tron beats!
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I really like the song End of Line by Daft Punk on the Tron soundtrack. What genre would that be, house? Can you recommend similar tracks, or artists? The other Daft Punk stuff is cool, too, but generally of a much lighter mood, I think.
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Have you seen these two threads?



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Previously and previously.
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It's not really house. That track, in particular, reminds me of old Front Line Assembly and Nine Inch Nails and maybe Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb.
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Sorry - that was an incomplete answer. End of Line reminds me of late '80s/early '90s industrial. Try Skinny Puppy, too.
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Daft Punk's music is house, but the Tron soundtrack is more broadly electronic. My son is a huge fan of house, trance, and electronica in general, and he has great luck finding obscure and little-known new music by exploring those genre labels on YouTube and New Grounds.
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What it is is basically french electro house pitched way down. A lot of the Ed Banger Records guys make stuff like that, but a little faster since it's meant for the dance floor.

Justice, SebastiAn, Cassius, Uffie, Krazy Baldhead, DJ Mehdi, Mr Oizo, Mr. Flash, Vicarious Bliss, So Me, Feadz, Breakbot, DSL, Mickey Moonlight, and Busy P are the acts to look for.

Vicarious Bliss as an example
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Yeah, this has an early Front Line Assembly vibe for sure. Check out Empusae, and some of the lighter FLA side-projects (like Intermix and Synaesthesia).
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Also, check out Delirium.
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But only Delerium before they got a vocalist.
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This reminds me of a lot of early no-wave synth music of the early to mid 80s. Some of these have vocals, but I think the stripped down feel matches the music better than 90s industrial house which is a bit quicker and uses a lot more effects:

Examples: Deux, Das Ding, (possibly a bit of a stretch here) Oppenheimer Analysis.

I'd be surprised if this style wasn't the more direct influence for the soundtrack as Tron, of course, is an 80s throwback.
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But only Delerium before they got a vocalist.

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Glitch Mob, Rudelgin or the newer mochipet might be up your alley. I uncovered the latter two listening to the memekast.
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type 'bbd' when you go to site
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Kraftwerk's Computer World
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HIghly recommend looking for releases and mixes by Surgeon UK (NOT Detroit DJ Surgeon), The Black Dog podcast (especially their bodytonic mix), Akufen, Phonauts, Gaiser's Whether Or Not, Click Box (Stripped, for example), Why Do We Dance by DJ $cotoma (Makis Rizogiannis), Convextion (anything he produces will be similar to what you're looking for - look for the recording of his live PA from London, or I can send you a dropbox/yousendit link).

The sound you're looking for is often classified as deep or detroit-influenced minimal techno, but I'm not going to start a genre war here.
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