How to send admin emails in RSForm to different users?
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How do I send admin emails in RSForm based on the user's choice on the drop down menu?

I work on the website for my roller derby league, which uses Joomla. We have an email contact form (RSForm), which has several choices on a drop down menu, for example: press, join us, general information, sponsorship, etc. I am trying to accomplish what should be a very simple task: have general info go to me, press go to our PR manager, etc. All of my tinkering with the module has yielded nothing; the guy who designed and did the initial work on the site set it up to do this, but the emails weren't going out, so I switched it so all of the emails would go to me, a less than ideal solution.

I've searched using Google, looked at the forum for the module and their support site and watched a video that was supposed to walk me through it, and I still don't understand how to get this to work. Could someone who is well versed in Joomla and RSForm please give me simple to understand, step by step instructions?
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