Tuesday Chicago Bar Trivia!
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What is the best place for me to play bar trivia in Chicago tonight? I can find places through Google but I want to hear about the one that you think is the best and most fun.
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Do you know any U of C students that could get you into the pub? It's Tuesday, so that means there's trivia to be had starting at 8pm.
Pros: U of C grade trivia.
Cons: U of C. One unofficial motto of the place is that it is where fun comes to die.
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Response by poster: Do you know any U of C students that could get you into the pub?

Nope, not even grad or professional students any more - makes me feel old.
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Do you know about Brain Sportz? Don't let the (lame) name dissuade you. I know the guy who runs it and he's great. He's at Firkin and Pheasant (670 W. Diversey) tonight at 7:30. He was on an episode of Cash Cab, so they're going to watch that first and then get down to the trivia. (I've never been to the trivia at that place, though, just others he's done, so I really can't speak to the talent there. Some groups are more challenging than others.)
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This answer is way too late for tonight, but maybe it'll help some future Mefites. State Bar in Lincoln Park has an amazing trivia night on Tuesdays.

Don't let the location, yelp ratings or mediocre food dissuade you. I've been to a bunch of trivia nights in Chicago and this is my favorite. People get there early and they're pretty strict about rules and cell phone usage, which I appreciate. There's no buy-in and they have raffle prizes and a good payout. The trivia is more challenging than most, I've found.
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Response by poster: I ended up going to The Globe, and I though that it was excellent. They had about 7 rounds and I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of music, pop culture, history, science, geography and current events and a few unique rounds I had not played before.

I'm still jonesing after getting a good fix on Tuesday, so I may check out Bucktown Pub tonight.
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Response by poster: I also came across this page, which is a pretty useful resource.
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