Need a good phone + plan combo
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Currently I'm on a RAZR V3x with a T-Mobile prepaid plan. I'm thinking of switching to a better phone, however the plan options look intimidating.

I'm wondering if there is any iPhone or Android phone + plan combo that is a good deal for me. Anything that would have a $30 or $40 a month plan would be fine for me. I'm pretty much a disgrace as I'm a complete techie yet everyone else has a better phone than me and my only reason is the cost of the plans.
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You can get an Android phone -- the Samsung Intercept -- from Virgin Mobile. $25 a month for unlimited web/text and 300 minutes, and they have a $40/month plan with more minutes.
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Yeah, assuming Virgin/Sprint coverage is OK for you, the Virgin prepaid Android phone is a steal.
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Response by poster: The Samsung Intercept seems to be getting bad reviews, especially since the last update to it.
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I have an Intercept. I like it quite a lot. Sometimes it loses its data connection and I have to restart it, but it's just about the only smartphone you can get without paying a ton of money for a monthly plan.

Virgin has another Android phone, the LG Optimus V.
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Response by poster: The LG Optimus V seems to be out of stock on Virgin Mobile's website. :-(
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A colleague got the LG phone at a local Virgin outlet. See if there's a store near you.
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Response by poster: How much would it be with a contract? The cost of the phone and the plan itself? If it's a $25 plan, what would the phone cost at a Virgin Mobile outlet?
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You can stay with T-Mobile, and for $50 a month prepaid you get unlimited talk and text, and 100MB of data. That gives you all the android options, so you can explore Ebay for a used phone relatively cheap.
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The Virgin phones are all AFAIK pre-paid. It's the same price in the store as online.
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Response by poster: Anyone know any similar deals with other carriers? I'm just thinking of actually going out to buy the phone and I just want to know all the facts before I go.
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Response by poster: Okay MeFites, I got the LG Optimus V and I love it so far.
Thank you Jeanne and everyone else, but especially Jeanne.
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