garter belt with short straps
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Can you recommend a garter belt for a petite lady?

I like wearing a garter belt with plastic clips and stockings (like this lady), but I have a different problem. I'm 5'1" and the straps on the new belt I bought at VS are too long. I don't wear very shorter skirts, but when I sit, I don't want the tops of the stockings to show. Can you recommend a garter belt with shorter straps? Preferably black lace and under $40. Thanks, women of MeFi!
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Shortening the straps sounds like a very easy alteration; something you could do even with a hotel sewing kit. Is that not an option?
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You know, I'm a taller lady (5'8) and have this same problem: the belt allows the stocking tops to show when I sit even in knee-length skirts. I've assumed that the problem lies in my stockings being the wrong size for my longer legs, but have always wanted shorter straps on the belts (cheap and expensive) I own.
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ALEXIS4U will customize garter belt straps.
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Have you tried a belt with adjustable straps? I don't have any specific recommendations, but here's an example.
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