Help me find a song about making coffee
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What song's lyrics contain a reference to a "#4 Melitta filter"?

As a coffee drinker and music fan, I cannot forget that I once heard a great song about coffee that included the specific detail of using these filters when brewing a pot. Unfortunately, I have no idea what song it was from or who performed it. Google is no help.

Other possibly relevant hints: I seem to recall that it's performed by a male singer-songwriter type who is accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar, but I don't remember any other instruments featuring prominently.

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Greg Brown, Good Morning Coffee?
posted by East Siberian patchbelly wrangler at 9:11 PM on February 19, 2011

Just realizing that the version I know best (where I think he does the bit about the filter) is a live version that I have on a mixed tape from way back in the day - can't help you with provinence on that one. Don't remember if that part is included on the album track (from the In the Dark With You album) or not. Now I'm going to have to go dig them up- I'm all nostalgic!
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Lyrics to Good Morning Coffee.
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That's it! Oh man. You have no idea what a relief that is.

BTW, I had that live version too, once upon a I have to figure out how to find a copy of it!

Thanks, guys!
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This might keep you going. This one has a live feeling, too.
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Zippy's second link is exactly the one I was thinking of! But for some reason I can't seem to buy it through Grooveshark. Frustrating. Will keep working on it I guess...
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