Where can I get a king cake in San Francisco?
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Where can I get a king cake in San Francisco?

I grew up in New Orleans and it would be nice to introduce some west coast friends to this delicious Mardi Gras tradition. I live in Oakland so east bay suggestions welcome also.
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Arizmendi (on 9th in SF, not sure about their sister stores) might make one, if my VERY vague memories are to be believed.
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Lots of places ship king cakes. My work does. MeMail me for a link.
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I would also give Angeline's in Berkeley a call.
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Angeline's (in Berkeley, on Shattuck) is making them, but recommends ordering in advance.
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I think Whole Foods generally stocks them.
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I think I saw a King Cake mix and several Mardi Gras items at Cost Plus World Market in Oakland (near Jack London Square) last week. If you do not want to make it yourself, keep in mind that many bakeries will not put the trinket on the inside of the cake (for liability reasons...), so if you want to introduce friends to this tradition I would ask beforehand.

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You can add the doll to the cake after it's baked, if necessary. Push it up through the underside of the cake. If the cake is very firm, cut a slit first.
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