Movie (memory) fragments
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Help me remember a movie where part is live action, part is comic book drawing and the guy is trying to get over a relationship.

All I remember is a scene where the lead character, a guy, is in an airplane and decides to make a cell phone call. He says something like "Oh, what's going to happen...are we going to crash because I make a call"...the next scene, obviously, is the fiery wreckage! He and one other person are the only survivors.

Thanks for your help.
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One Crazy Summer?
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Sorry, neither of those. I'm trying to remember more details, but it's hazy. It was probably at least 15 years ago. The drawings aren't being done by someone, they are just integrated into the movie; for example, the scene on the airplane is live action, until it starts to crash and then it turns into a black and white drawing.
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Was it Waking Life, which combines live action and rotoscope?
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Or A Scanner Darkly?
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Not that it's impossible, but if the scene you remembers involves using a cell phone on an airplane, it's not likely 15 years old.
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IMDb has a cool feature where you can search for movies by "keywords" (could be anything from specific content that appears in the film to its broader themes). You can drill down to absurdly precise details. Here's a list of movies, for example, containing both "animated sequence" and "cell phone," sorted by release date. If the movie you're looking for isn't in there, you can remove either or both of those criteria and choose more keywords from the big pool on the right side of the screen.
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American Splendor?
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Monkeybone with Brendan Fraser.
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My money's on Cool World, with Gabriel Byrne, Kim Bassinger and Brad Pitt.
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did this happen in the science of sleep?
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Look Both Ways?
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Chasing Amy?

But now I don't remember if it has animation. Plenty of comic books around in that one.
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I came in to suggest American splendor as well.
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I found it! Just a Kiss from 2002 (thanks mannequito for the tip that it probably wasn't that old!).

Marissa Tomei, Kyra SedgwickMarley Shelton, Ron Eldard and Taye Diggs.

That was driving me mad!
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