Change Reading Font in Outlook
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Please help me increase the font size of Outlook.

There has to be a straightforward way to force outlook to change the default font of incoming messages. There are ways to change the auto-preview, subjects, and sender; but not the font of the message itself. I am using Office 2007.
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And my default font, I really mean size.
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1. All Microsoft programs have a VIEW option in the menu line at the top that lets you set the font and size.

2. Press CTRL and rotate the mouse roller.

3. At least try the WORD command, CTRL [ and CTRL ].
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That certainly works, but it is not permanent and every single message must be increased in the same manner
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File -> Options -> Mail -> Stationery and Fonts
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Generally Ctrl and + together will increase font size (and this seems to be a permanent fix.) It works on just about any screen, not just in Outlook. To go the other way, try Ctrl and -
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SuperSquirrel has it. You can choose the default font and size for new messages, and separately, for replies/forwards.
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