name that tune: an ancient transmission from Mars...
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So... nineteen years ago I recorded the top 30 countdown on Mars FM, a radio station in L.A. Four years ago I dumped those cassette tape recordings to MP3, and in the process I found this song that I've been wondering about all this time. The end of the tape comes right as the announcer is about to say what it is. All I can tell you, which I highly doubt will help at all, is that it was #16 on the Mars FM Top 30 for January 4th, 1992. I asked some friends about it at the time, but nobody knew what it was, and Tunatic wasn't able to decipher it, so I forgot about it for a while, but just the other day I remembered it for some strange reason, so now I'm posting it here to Ask MeFi. Can anyone name this early-90s rave anthem?
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Shaaam suggests Numatic In the Morning which sounds similar but not quite right...
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I mean, bits sound similar. Is it possible it's a live mix of stuff?
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Shazam here suggested this, and I think it might be right, but the wrong mix.
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It was a live mix of the top 30, but they were only doing mixes during segues; the majority of the song should be unaltered. Immediately before this song was the station identification, and the next song was Messiah's "There Is No Law", but I cut off this sample before the segue.
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The Year in Rave 1992, Part 1, 2
happy hunting
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The sample that kicks in about a quarter of the way through is from Magic's Back by Malcolm McLaren and Alison Limerick, not sure if that helps at all...
posted by crabintheocean at 11:11 AM on February 18, 2011 this is in that song in the middle... it includes sample from magic's back...
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thanks, fozzie! That sounds a lot like about half the song, but not the rest of the song (especially the intro and the piano). I wonder if maybe this is a mix of two different songs, or if maybe it's a different song that ripped that loop from Don't Stop the Movie (or if they both got it from something else)...
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the first song really sounds like Joey Beltram to me, but I don't know which song.
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I'm going to bet it's one of these songs.
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