Help me hope my brother.
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I'm looking for an inpatient rehab center in Northern California for my brother. He is early 30s, extremely depressed, and mainly has a problem with alcohol but also cocaine to a lesser extent.

I don't really have any specifications except that a religious-based facility would not be ideal. Cost is not too much of a concern, but just needs to be something affordable for a middle class family. A facility that focuses on the addiction(s) and also depression would be great. The internet comes up with many options, but I would prefer to have personal recommendations. He does have insurance, but I don't know what it covers at this point.

Thanks in advance.
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No personal experience, but I've driven by this place literally a thousand times. It's been around for a long time, anyway.
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When I lived in Sonoma County, California, I attended 12-step meetings at Azure Acres -- it seemed like a very peaceful place with a strong recovery program.
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I asked here at work and the person who handles that says she usually uses either the Center for Recovery at John Muir Medical Center or MPI in Oakland. She also commented that most of these programs call for a full year of follow up counseling after treatment so choosing someplace your brother can easily get to for these meetings as well is important.
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I know an awesome place in Huntington Beach, which is not Northern California. I cannot recommend it enough, though, and its price point is considerably lower than most. They specialize in exactly what your brother is suffering from, which is called duel-diagnosis. Please memail me for further details.
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Duffy's in the Napa area seems to be popular. I looked into it. Toured it. If he is not on psych meds (i think is their rule) it might be a great fit for him. I liked it. Spacious. Is he ready to quit cocaine?
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