Electronica/dubstep that sounds similar to classic burlesque
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Looking for electronica/dubstep that sounds similar to classic burlesque.

I'm looking for electronica, dubstep, or similar tunes that have a "classic burlesque" feel to them -- homages, reimaginings, remixes, transformations, or just very similar tone to the music of that era (big band, swing, etc.)

If you want me to get more specific, it should sound like something a robot might have stripped to in the 20's, 30's, or 40's, if there were robot strippers at that time.
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Parov Stelar's pretty good for that.
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The Verve Remixed was a compilation that was all about this. The Rae & Christian mix of Dinah Washington's "Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby" was a fairly common dancefloor staple of mine when I DJ'ed a triphop/electronica night a few years ago.
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The Paul Kalkbrenner album Self has lots of accordion loops in it. Definitely minimalist rather than dubstep, but I still think Dockyard might fit with what you're trying to do.
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Check out Real Tuesday Weld.
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Best answer: It's already a genre: Electroswing
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