I'm selling a photo, do I prepare the legally binding contract/quote?
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I'm an amateur selling a photo to a professional publisher for a single run in a brochure. How do I prepare a quote that ensures that everything we've agreed upon is legally binding?

The price and conditions have been agreed upon. I assume the quote is my responsibility in this transaction (perhaps not?). Any other thoughts you may have on a successful completion of this deal would be helpful.

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You need to find out the image size, the number of brochures, and market (local vs national). If you have all that info then you can send me a mefi email and I can give you a price range. Also would need to know your location or at least the location of where the brochure will be distributed.

As for the contract be sure to be explicit about how the photo is going to be used. Describe it in detail, describe the print run, the distribution. Then go on about how this is for one time use and that any and all other usage bust be first cleared with yourself the photographer. Sign it and have them sign it and make sure you are paid on receipt of the image. Don't wait on the payment, tell them you get it up front in exchange for the image. Otherwise it could be months and months and months before you see that money.
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