Facebook: How to change my music page to a music page!
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How can I make my facebook "Musician/Band" page show up under people's "music" (you know, the area under "info" where it lists people's favorite music)?

A family member originally made my band's facebook music page, and he selected "Public Figure" as the type of page. I have long wanted to change this, mostly so my band would show up under people's music preferences instead of "other pages", but it was impossible, until recently with an upgrade to facebook's "Pages". So now I can change it but it still shows up under "other pages". What do I do?

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If you remove and re-add the band, does it show up correctly?
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You could also try creating a new page and merging the two of them together. When Facebook added the "places" functionality, I wound up creating a business "place" and then merging that place into the existing business page we had, so that we could gain the places functionality without losing our existing business page.
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I think you can now change that under Edit Page. That's a feature of the updated pages so if that hasn't been rolled out to you yet, you may need to wait a few days.

I changed my employer's from Government Organization to Nonprofit that way.
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Thanks for the answers. To clarify, I was able to change it to a Musician/Band page successfully. However, it still shows up under "other pages" on people's profiles instead of "music".

blandcamp, are you saying it might just not have "kicked in" yet?
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Oh, and unfortunately I can't remove and re-add the band because we already have a significant following (and a significant number of fans).
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(I meant remove the band from your personal profile and re-add it)
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I'm sorry to sound incredibly naive, but how do I do that?
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Go to your profile and click on the large "Edit Profile" button at the top. If you navigate to where your band is in this mode and click on it, you'll have the option to remove it.
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The only option I see under that mode on my band page is "permanently delete page". Am I doing something wrong or missing something?
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