How to pick best "keywords" to promote videos?
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I'm been using both Google Adwords and a Facebook ad to promote an new album, but I think I'm using weak "keywords". Could I get the Metafilter community to look at a few no budget videos I've made to help me figure out "better" keywords to advertise my music? Or am I just wasting my money?

First off, I'm not a professional musician and I have no plans of promoting my new album by touring (I'm really too old for that, and my real job is teaching high school). However, I did spend the last 18 months making this album and it's exactly the project I'd hope it would be. Since I'm just another aging hippy with rock and roll dreams, I've been making zero-budget music videos with movie footage from the pubic domain and green-screening myself in. I now have four of them on youtube and I've been using a combination of YouTube promoted videos, Google Adwords, and a Facebook ad to promote these videos.

I've not spent much money (since I'm a school teacher, you can probably guess why), but for what I have spent, I don't feel like I've generated nearly the traffic to these videos as I expected. Perhaps I'm using poorly chosen keywords; perhaps I'm just wasting my money. So, if any of you don't mind helping out someone who has no idea at all how to promote himself from his living room, please look over my videos linked below and let me know what you think I should be using for "keywords" to drive traffic to my videos (or if you have had your own experience with this, and feel as though I'm just throwing good money after bad, please say so; I will hear you).
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You can get someone to do keyword research for you for $5 at .
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There are a lot of indie music blogs. I think you'd do better to promote your music be getting it reviewed. Local performing, with an option to join an email list, myspace/facebook page, etc., is also an option.
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In order to answer your question it would be helpful to know:

* What keywords you are currently using.
* How many impressions your ads are getting.
* How many click-throughs your ads are getting.
* How much you are paying for each click-through.
* How much you want to spend, and how many click-throughs you want.

It may be that your goals are unrealistic. Are you willing to pay 5 cents per view of your music videos? 50 cents? That seems like a really expensive undertaking. But it's hard to know what you're shooting for without more info about what you've done so far.
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I've seen a number of facebook ads that are essentially "Hey, you like ARTIST X, check out ARTIST Y!!" So maybe target keywords that are acts similar to yours?
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