Ski clothes in Philly?
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Can I rent ski clothes anywhere in the Philadelphia area? I'm going skiing this weekend and the resort I'm visiting doesn't offer clothing rentals. I just need a jacket and ski pants--any ideas?
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Can you borrow from a friend who is about your size? I've never heard of ski clothing rental.
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Goodwill. I've never heard of clothing rental either.
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Since it isn't going to be super cold in the area, you could get by with buying generic type ski pants and jacket at places like Target/Dick's/Modell's. I ski in the area with $15-20 pants frequently. You may be fine also with a sweatshirt and light jacket.
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Depending on how good a skier you are you can always wear long-johns and thick jeans.
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If you have plain ol' hiking/biking rain pants and jacket, they'll work great. Wear a couple layers underneath. You just need enough clothing to be warm + ideally a waterproof shell.
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I wouldn't wear jeans if I were you. Wet jeans are a miserable thing.

You can get away with waterproof (or mostly waterproof) shell pants over top of something warmer but maxg94 is right, you can find generic, insulated waterproof pants for not a lot of money. They may not be front and center and you will have to wade through the stashes of $100-$200 pants but they do exist.

You'll have to spend a little more to get a generic ski jacket but at the same time, having something warm and waterproof when living in Philly seems like a smart thing to have.
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You don't necessarily need things designed specifically for skiing if you have other warm options. I've had zero problems skiing in Vermont this month with those swishy gym pants over long-johns and a regular puffy down jacket.
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Are you a student? Some schools have outdoor gear and clothing loan programs for such purposes.
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Go to the Burlington Coat Factory in the Gallery and you can find snow pants for around $20-$40. Which is what I imagine any rental place would charge.
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