How do I achieve this 'rays of light' effect in Photoshop?
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In Photoshop, how do I achieve the 'rays of light' effect you see in places like Campaign Monitor's masthead?

It's something I've around the web, just not really sure how to recreate it.
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It's done by using a gradient effect, and drawing half a circle with it, and than adding some extra 'light' in the centre of the circle.
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  • Radial gradient (white/light grey to transparent)
  • Smudge tool (to add the spiky streaks: click on the edge the gradient, hold shift, and then click on the center of the gradient. Change brush strokes and repeat until you've got enough.
  • New layer, fill light gray
  • Render noise on gray layer
  • CTRL-click gradient layer, add layer mask to noise layer
  • Change noise blending mode to multiply and drop the opacity waayyyyy down
  • Change gradient blending mode to soft light and fiddle with the opacity until it looks right
That's a pretty rough guide, but it should work. Experiment until you get it.
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It might also be noise + radial blur.
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For the spiky streaks, use a gradient similar to Flare Rays and the angle gradient type of gradient. (For GIMP, use the conical (symmetric) shape of gradient.)
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I just did a quick test with noise and radial blur, and that looks like the easiest way to do it:
1. white-to-black radial gradient
2. add noise
3. add radial blur at a pretty high setting
4. change the blending to Screen and put the layer over whatever base color you want. It'll probably look best if you choose a light complimentary color instead of white in your initial gradient.
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