How do I go about hiring an artist??
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How do I hire an artist to create concert poster style wedding invitations?

OK, I am sure I am going to get previously'd to death here but I searched Ask and found similar questions that pointed to websites now defunct and a lot of "hey I just Memailed you some information" which doesn't help too much. I've tried Craigslist and gotten RickRolled about a dozen times. I can't afford to pay a "Design Firm" and want to look "outside the traditional wedding invitations printed at Kinko's" box. I know less than nothing about how these types of transactions work, I just know I would rather give my money to a person than an Inc. I want to hire a real artist. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks
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WeddingInviteLove is an online directory of wedding invitation designers. Go on there and find someone that fits your price range?
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why can't i get this "link" feature to work for me?
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I know it's not what the post says but lets scratch the "Wedding" part and just change it How do I hire an artist to create a concert poster. I am not looking for cookie cutter wedding invitations. I just need to know where to find some artists hanging around looking for work.
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On Etsy, just about everything you find is completely custom. What you see are past examples of that person's work. Same with any wedding invitation designer. The way this works is that you find someone whose style and price point you like, and you work with them until you have a product that you're happy with.

We got ours from these folks knowing that our final product would be similar to what we saw on their Etsy storefront, but completely unique. We said, "We want a tree with a dog under it." After seeing example graphics, we picked the tree and the dog, and played around with layout, colors, and typefaces until we were really happy with the final design. If you start with a seller who knows how to design a concert poster, you're going to get the concert poster YOU want.

You could go at it from the other direction. Find someone offering custom concert posters and have them make one with the information you'd find on a wedding invitation in small scale. The advantage of someone who bills himself as an actual invitation designer is that they know all about paper types, correct envelopes, addressing, etc.
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Oops, we got ours from these folks.
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You want a concert poster, try asking bands themselves! Try finding promoters or managers. Local labels? Independent record stores? Maybe even the venue, they probably can't help you but trying to ask couldn't hurt. Some artists are recommended and get work through word of mouth, so you might have to try the network.

How about a local community college art or media department? There are probably some talented kids or even instructors that could use some side-work.
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You might try browsing through Gig Posters, and email the designers you like. Or post in the Art for Hire Forum!
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I just memailed you.
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My favorite concert poster artist is Travis Bone. You can see his style by looking at his concert prints, and according to his contact page, he does commissioned work. I emailed him once, and he wrote back to me personally; a friend of mine met him at a concert, and said he was super nice.
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Gigposters (specifically their forum, which has a section exactly for this purpose) is where you should go. I used to run a screen printing shop that did posters, etc. and basically every bored poster designer and squeegee pusher hangs out there.
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