iJust want iPhotos on my iWall.
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I can't *possibly* be the only person who would like to pull photos wirelessly from my iPhoto library and display them on a reasonably-priced wifi picture frame -- am I?

I've had a digital photo frame for years that I've used rarely, mostly because I have a lot of photos that I manage using iPhoto on my Mac, and I don't want to buy huge SD cards, or have to re-copy files as they are added to the library. I'm revisiting digital photo frames again, and am still stymied.

I want a frame that has wifi, and can load a shared library/album from iPhoto, and rotate through it continuously. Oh, and it would be nice if it didn't cost $850. And, my Google-fu is failing.

I know that there are potential workarounds via a Pro Flickr account and a Flickr-enabled frame, but this seems silly -- I don't want my photos online/public, I just want to see them at home.

Am I asking too much? Is anyone doing this? Will an iPad or an Android tablet do this instead? Please don't tell me the only suggestion is an AppleTV/Mac Mini and a monitor.

Argh. Thanks for anyone who can link me up, or suggest a solution.
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The iPad can do a photo show when it's locked, I believe.

Does your frame support FrameChannel? Our WiFi frame can use this service, which can use arbitrary RSS feeds. I use a PogoPlug, which automatically creates an RSS feed for folders, and we keep our photos there. This doesn't fit with your not wanting your photos online, but FrameChannel can do a bunch of other things as well (we love the weather alerts & maps, for example, appearing on our frame). Plus having the photos on our 'Plug makes it easier to share with family & friends.

I'd be interested to see if there are frames today that can pull from a network share or arbitrary RSS feed, which you could hack up locally.
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Response by poster: I thought about trying to generate a local RSS feed from my iPhoto library, but my current frame supports "stick an SD card in it" as its only display method (it was a gift), so I'm looking for ideas/options before I buy something new.

I'm not against things being online, but it seems silly to upload data for a local application.

Thanks for the links -- I'm going to look into these two, which seem interesting (but hack-y for something that shouldn't need to be).
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As you've noticed, WiFi frames are stupidly expensive.

My solution was (in Picasa, but I'm sure you can do the same in iPhoto) to star the pictures I liked and then export them to another folder and shrink to 800x600 as this is the size of my photo frame screen.

The result is that I have over 1000 photos on one 512mbit megabyte SD card.
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