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Is it possible to 'unrespond' to an event on Facebook?

Stupid question, but this is irriating me. I was randomly clicking though friends' profiles on Facebook and checked out a public event that one friend was attending, but that I wasn't invited to. I accidently clicked "Not attending" when moving the mouse up to the top menu, so now I'm showing up linked to that event when I don't want to be, even as a non-attendee. Is there any way to remove that association completely, without going into a "yes", "awaiting a response" or "maybe"?
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At the bottom of the event page, there is a link to remove the event. This will take you off the list.
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When you're on your homepage, you should see your list of events on the right side. A small X should pop up when you hover over the event. Click it, and select "remove from my events" or whatever the wording is. That should do it.
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Thanks - I found the "Remove" after I switched my language to English.
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