Name for Speech Therapy Practice
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CreativityNameFilter: A friend of mine is starting a speech therapy practice, and has called on me for genius ideas. Um. I'm no naming genius.

It will be a private speech therapy business, based in Alice Springs (NT, Australia). She would like to include the 'speech language therapy' in the name. Alice is a small town, though a major centre in the Territory.

Hive mind - please, as many ideas as you can. Bonus points for creativity and good puns. Points off for terrible puns, as judged by my totally subjective standards.
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I'm guessing she doesn't want to go with Alice Springs Speech Language Therapy? I also think a professional practice based on her name is just fine.

Otherwise, how about Alice Springs Speech?

(I know I get no bonus points for creativity.)
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Springs Speech


Alice Speaks

(followed in smaller print by "Alice Springs Speech and Language Therapy" or something equivalent)
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I'd go with Alice Springs Speech Therapy. It will perform well in Google for keyword searches and directories that are alphabetical. It doesn't cheapen the professional practice by getting cutesy. However, if she has plans to leave Alice Springs or expand beyond that area, she might want to go with something more generic.
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Alice Springs Speech Advisory and Unified Language Therapy

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Talk the Talk
Alice Springs Speech Therapy
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Lisp Service?

Having had speech therapy, I'd want one to avoid using the letter S.
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As a mom who's needed various therapies for her kids, I vote for straight-forward: place or provider name plus what you do. But that's just me.

She might also check into the local ordinances about business names. Here in North Carolina (US), if you put your shingle out as "Talk To Me," that's officially "doing business as..." Under certain circumstances, you have to go through an extra registration process, and your official name is "Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe, PLC."
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Chatfilter: Speech Language Therapy.
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The only pun I could come up with that's not too cutesy would be Vocalize Springs Speech Therapy / VocAlice Springs Speech Thereapy.

Given the history of the town, maybe Telegraph Station Speech Therapy?

Or name it after a famous orator: Aristotle, Cicero, etc..
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By the way, that is a serious reply, not snark.
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Speeth Cherapy.
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I think something as serious as speech therapy should eschew pubs and clever names.

If you want something local and memorable, maybe find an appropriate and respectful aboriginal word meaning "pleasant conversation" or something?
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Oh dear -- "puns", not "pubs".
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Thanks all - options being considered. Will post outcome soon!
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