Sample social media policies?
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Sample social media policies?

My employer has asked me to review a draft social media policy. It's incredibly harsh, basically prohibiting any comment about our company at all, ever. I know it needs toning down, and am looking for some samples - something that says "hey, we know you use social media, be sensible and don't degrade the company or speak on our behalf without permission, and don't post pictures of the company/your cooworkers" is kind of the balance I'm looking for.

The company doesn't have any social media of its own; this is related to personal sites referencing job stuff (not personal sites referencing personal stuff).
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This is a pretty solid place to start. The BBC one in particular is a decent example.
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I think IBM's [my employer - gosh I seem to be going on about that a lot here this week!] are very good. No nonense, not overly restrictive, assuming good faith.
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This policy [PDF] has just four simple rules. I think it's remarkably fair and workable.
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I don't have any advice on specific content for the policy but I would note that, in the U.S. at least, there appear to be several ongoing lawsuits at the moment related to social media policies regarded as restrictive enough to be infringing employees' rights. I confirmed this by googling "social media policy" "free speech".
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I really like Roche's, very fair and understandable. Importantly, makes a distinction between personal and professional communications.
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Second for IBM. It is often held up as the model for social media policies, both in what it says and how it was constructed (i.e. through employee engagement).
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embrangled, I can't open your link. It says "This domain is blocked." I'm eager to know what the four simple rules are!
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I helped develop my company's internal policy. If you mefi mail me, I can send you a copy. I think it would be relevant to what you're asking.
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ThatCanadianGirl - That's strange, perhaps it's only accessible from within Australia? The guidelines are reproduced here.
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Thanks, embrangled - that link worked. Those rules are perfect for my organization. (The timing of this question is perfect!)
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