What glue should I use?
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Plastic laminated label on glass bottle, which glue to use? Please help!

I make things that I put in amber glass or cobalt glass bottles. Since the bottles get wet (being in the bathroom or whatever) I like to laminate the labels before I put them on with really thin lamination at staples.

Then, I glue them to the jars. The problem is, they always seem to come off. Since laminated plastic and glass are so smooth, they don't adhere very well to eachother.

How can I fix this? What kind of (reasonably priced) glue could I use?
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Instead of laminating, why not put the paper label on the bottle and then cover the label with a strip of clear tape - or a single layer of laminate.
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The answer to 'how to glue X to Y' is often found at This to That.com. Be aware that some of the recommended glues are strong epoxy or epoxy-type glues and need ventilation.
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As a follower to sciencegeek's suggestion, perhaps seal the paper label directly to the jar using Mod Podge?
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Or instead of labels fasten them on as hang tags.
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There may be something you could use if you glue the label on (like a regular beer bottle) and then dip the whole thing in some clear stuff. Heck, maybe something like Varathane or a clear (spray) paint that could be applied.
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Could you make the labels on weatherproof mailing labels? We use them when making jars of jam and you can seriously wash them and not have them come off.
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At FedEx Office they can make something called a lami-label. Basically you take a piece of paper, then laminate it, except one side of the laminate is smooth and the other side has a sticky backing.

I've seen them used outside, on glass, for door signage, and they hold up pretty well. I had a bumper sticker made from one that lasted a few years.
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