Where can I relax outside of, but nearby, New York City?
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I need to get out of Manhattan and spend a weekend in a quiet place specializing in relaxation, meditation and massage. I don't want to travel more than an hour. I have no car. Cost isn't an issue. I just need sanity & isolation. Where to go?

I would love to find some place upstate that can be accessed by train. I'm not a religious or particularly spiritual person, but have been through some major life stress the last few months which is affecting me physically. Several kinds of doctors have recommended I do this, so I'd like for it to be someplace very good for recharging the mental batteries and getting away from the city and the internet. I haven't been in NYC that long so I really don't know the surrounding area. Thanks!
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I can't think of anything within an hour, but if you're willing to travel a little further and take the bus, you could try the Zen Mountain Monastery. I have never been there, but have attended a couple of workshops at their Brooklyn location. I'm not very religious or spiritual either, but am trying to work on meditation, and they were very open and welcoming.
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The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck is probably just what you need.
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You can go camping at Floyd Bennet Field / Gateway Recreation Area.

You can take the MetroNorth to the stop that intersects with the Appalachian Trail.

Your "travel an hour" thing might have to be expanded a bit - it'll barely get you out of the Bronx.
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Ditto the Omega Institute. 2 of my friends went a few years ago and loved it. I'm not sure how easy it is to access without a car but maybe someone else from NYC is going and you can share a ride.
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Spa Castle! http://nyspacastle.com/eng/main/main.php
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I'll second Zen Mountain Monastery, even if it's further than you specified.
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Perhaps Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY: it's a little closer and more accessible to NYC than Omega or Zen Mountain Monastery.
Or a private retreat at Mount Saint Alphonsus in Esopus, NY. Very Beautiful, quite cheap.
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Mohonk Mountain House. Pricey but lovely, in New Paltz.
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