Spa with private hot tubs in NYC
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Spa with private hot tubs in NYC? Looking for an equivalent to Watercourse Way in Palo Alto, CA, which rents out private rooms to individuals or small groups that feature hot tubs and showers.
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Are the 'burbs okay? Because there are some Russian banyas that have VIP areas that might fit the bill...
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Response by poster: Sure, we can define the NYC area broadly.
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Okay, here is my Google Map of every sauna/banya/jjimjilbang within the NYC/Phila/MD area. I seem to recall that Bear & Birch in Freehold, Russian Banya in Brooklyn, and Onsen for All in Princeton all have private facilities, but it's certainly possible/probable that more of 'em do. (Why yes, I AM somewhat-obsessed with ritualized bathing, how could you tell?... heh heh.)
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Response by poster: Wow! You freakin' rock! I can't tell you how much I love and respect this level of thoroughness.
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I'm chiming in to second the recommendation for Onsen in Princeton. They have outdoor tubs set in a bamboo garden. There's nothing quite as heavenly as going for a soak on a cold night with the snow falling in silence around you. Lovely. They have 4 tubs, one of which you can rent out privately. There's a wood-fired sauna tucked away in the garden too. If you're up for further pampering they have rooms upstairs where you can avail yourself of massages and the like. Highly recommended.

[I used to go to a place in Seattle in the 80's that was more along the lines of Watercourse Way. I think it was called Suds. Man, I loved those private rooms with their little cassette players on the walls so you could pipe in your own tunes. Brings back sweet memories of good times.]

Let us know where you wind up soaking!
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