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Beyond Excel: I need a 2D data plotting tool that not only plots but has the ability to quickly measure things like maximum, minimum, delta between peaks...

If your familiar with using an Oscilloscope or Network Analyzer, these have vertical and horizontal marker bars that you can use to measure the data being displayed.

I am in charge of analysing some data and plotting it. I know of some great plotting tools (Tecplot) that make great plots but I need a tool that makes determining things like maximum, minimum, delta between peaks, etc. a lot easier.

Does anyone know of a tool that can do this?
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Maybe not beyond Excel-- go to J-Walk Blog and see if there are any good tips there. The author of that blog has written books about using Excel and is written up in Wiki as an expert. You could email him and ask directly.
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There are lots of options that go well beyond Excel:

• pro Fit
• VisAD
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