Best Gift Ever?
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Where can I find gifts similar to this for under $100 a pop?

I'm looking for more than one, so it may have to be mass produced as opposed to hand-made like the one in the link, but the main qualifier is under $100. I don't necessarily need illegal weapons or alcohol, but something that isn't plastic, has some sense of nostalgia, and would be considered a solid present by a gentlemen in his late 20's early 30's.
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You want to look through the vintage goods on Etsy. Pocket watches, hideaway books, desk lamps, etc.
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Have you checked out the art of manliness?
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Isn't this the appeal of browsing thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, and the like? Is it the repurposed nature of that piece that you like, or is it the "they don't make 'em like they used to" appeal? Because I guarantee you can find nice old suitcases like that for under $100, if it's just the weathered-yet-solid artifact you're after.

I guess the clarification I'd need before I could answer the question is: what would you consider similar to that? Would something like this vampire hunter kit qualify, if it were under $100?
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Yes, the vampire hunter kit is the type of item I'm looking for. In this instance I would decline that specific item (the giftees are a little more brass knuckles, whiskey, cigar, leather bound book type guys) but you get the point.

I'm thinking along the lines of an esteemed war general, a secret society, a fraternity, etc.... What dusty old wooden box lined with velvet would they have? What would be inside that would be worthy of display on a bookshelf?

Mash all of that into a sub-$100 gift that I can buy a few of and I will be forever in your debt!
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J.W. Hulme is a historic manufacturer of high-end leather goods. Duluth Trading is less highbrow but offers some appropriately manly gifts as well.
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A spyglass!
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Some specific hollow books you might like on Etsy:

Gun and handcuffs


Another flask

Dueling pistols
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