Help me customize Firefox's Awesomebar behavior.
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How do I get Firefox to auto-resolve one word entries into the URL bar to .com, rather than initiating a google search?

Previously, Firefox would try to resolve any one word entry into the url bar as a .com url (i.e., typing 'example' would result in FF appending a .com to the end of it, bringing you to the url '').

Now the behavior triggers a google search. I believe this was introduced a while ago, when 3.0 was first released? Maybe even 2.0?

Is there any way to get the old behavior back?
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posted by dave*p at 12:03 PM on January 18, 2011

Or maybe it's Shift+Enter. Not at a computer currently, sorry.
posted by dave*p at 12:04 PM on January 18, 2011

Control + Enter. Shift + Enter gives ".net" and Control + Shift + Enter gives ".org".
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Ctrl-Enter does .com
Ctrl-Shift-Enter does .org
Shift-Enter does .net

I don't remember firefox behaving the way. But you might want to look at "domain guessing" and "internet keywords" on the mozilla website. You might have to fuck around with about:config or firefox's various config files. Just make sure you back up everything before you do that.
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The Configuration Mania plugin for Firefox has a setting for that at Browser > SmartBrowsing > Domain Guessing.
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Go to about:config. Type in keyword. replace keyword.url to
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Sorry, read the post wrong. That would be the opposite of what you wanted to do.
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I_pity_the_fool's advice works on Firefox.

I myself use Yubnub by adding it to my keyword.url. It one-ups the awesomebar into a sort of web command bar, so "lart daft punk" takes me to Daft Punk's page, and "wp metafilter" takes me to the Wikipedia entry for Metafilter.

Vastly underhyped service, that.
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