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Is there a forum out there where I can post a "query" (for example, "dramatic painting of an old wise man pointing to the heavens") and crowd-source the results? I'd like to be on both sides of that game!
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Sort of.
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Yes; sort of.
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Amazon Mechanical Turk
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I have to admit that I don't quite understand your question - are you saying "I remember having seen a dramatic painting of an old man pointing to the heavens - does anyone know what painting that might have been?" or are you saying "I have a need for a painting of an old man... - would someone like to create one for me?"

If you remember something about a painting and want to see if anyone can name it:
AskMetafilter can often help.
There is a forum on Reddit called TOMT (Tip of My Tongue). is a forum where you can ask questions about art. also has forums where people can ask questions.

If you HAVE an image and need help to figure out more about it: uses humans to look at photos and identify them uses computers to search for similar images on the web
GoogleGoggles (for various brands of smartphones) allows you to take a picture of a thing and it will search for the origin of it.

If you want to post a request and have someone CREATE a painting based on your criteria...
I don't know about paintings, but for photoshop-version of this same type of thing, look at the contests in or
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