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What am I going to do with all these chickens!

I have an upcoming project that involves cooking chickens. Lots of chickens. Well over 100, possibly up to 200 whole chickens. Approximately 5-20 per day depending on the schedule. Some days maybe none, some days maybe 20. It may last up to a month or so.

These chickens are going to be prepared in a warehouse environment, not a kitchen. I plan on taking as many as I can and put them in my freezer at home, but beyond those 5 or 6, what else can I do to not waste them?

I really doubt a homeless shelter will take unprofessionally prepared chickens from a warehouse and serve them. That can't be legal can it?

Any ideas? I am in the Minneapolis area.
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If not a homeless shelter, perhaps an animal shelter? Can the chickens be easily de-boned after you cook them?
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A long shot, but you could try asking the Minnesota Zoo to see if they could use the meat for some of their more carnivorous needs. Depends how picky they are about dietary requirements and so forth. Failing that, the local wildlife (racoons, bears, etc) probably wouldn't mind a treat.
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I want to hear more about your project! Has anyone done it before--if so, what did they do with the chickens?
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I once took a ton of leftover food from a wedding to a homeless shelter and they took it. It's worth a shot to call and ask.
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Could you post on Freecycle and ask if anyone is interested in free cooked chicken? A single-line email ("Cooked chicken, free!") might seem a little sketchy, but if you go into a little detail about the conditions under which the chicken will be cooked/stored, and why you're offering it, I bet you'd get lots of responses from people willing to pick up a chicken or two to feed to their pets or even their family.
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I wonder if it's possible/feasible to rent a standalone freezer until you (and local friends/family) can eat them all, if you don't come up with a workable donation method.
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I'm in Minneapolis, I'd probably take 2 or 3. Are they organic chickens?

You might call a local TV station and see if they'd mention it as a funny kooky story and that would help get rid of them with all the inquiries.
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I don't know but I truly hope to see this on CSI: Twin Cities.
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I have to say that if there's nothing wrong with the birds I would expect a homeless shelter would be extremely grateful for them. Call around and ask.
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Pretty good ideas so far.

I work in a forensics testing lab. We will be testing something which requires the cooking of chickens, that's about all I can say on the matter.

I'll definitely be calling around and asking shelters (human and pet) about them taking some.
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Ask Twelve Baskets (a program of Second Harvest Heartland): they're big enough that if they can't use it, they may know someone. And they used to pick up at the restaurant where I worked, so who knows?

And here's a list of organizations to call:
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I love the idea of asking the zoos and pet shelters - but my first thought was to take the meat off the bones so that you can store more of it in less space. If you make stock with the bones and whatnot, you can freeze some in ice cube trays for easy use.
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