Blood blister underneath callus. Leave it or clear it out?
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Old blood blister underneath a callus. Should I just leave it? (potentially icky details inside)

I am forming a callus on my foot, which I would like to maintain (for skating). However, before the callus started to form, I got a blood blister which never really drained. The fluid in the blister (blood and pus, I'm imagining) is still there, and because it's black, I'm assuming that it's dried out.

Is it safe to just leave it, allow the callus to form and just have this black spot on my foot, or should I try to remove the callus, clear out whatever's in there, and start over on the callus? Or should I talk to a doctor? I know that you are not a doctor and you are not my doctor.
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If you know how you got the blood blister (i.e. if it came from friction and not some unidentified medical condition) it's my understanding that it's best to just leave it alone, which in this case means letting the callus develop.
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Just leave it - I have a blood blister from a similar situation that is nicely going away on its own with time. My understanding is trying to get into such things is far more likely to just cause a needless infection and longer recovery time. Happy calluses!
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Leave it alone. I get those all the time on my hands, and the callus is worth more than the potential gain from popping the blood blister. I have never had any problems.
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Another vote for leaving it alone. Digging around in there is a great way to introduce bacteria and start an infection. The blackness doesn't mean it's dried out, it just means the blood in there is breaking down. Ever had a really bad bruise that turns black, then greenish-yellow, then fades? It's pretty much the same thing, just more concentrated.
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Be smart and leave it alone. Don't be like me and slice the top of the callus off with a razor blade and then rub it with an emory board until you get to the bloody spot.
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I play roller derby and have had this happen several times. As long as it's not hurting, I wouldn't worry about it at all. Leave the callus there to protect your foot. It looks gross, but it will be fine!
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Response by poster: Sounds like a plan, I will leave it alone. Thanks!
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Not leaving it alone would be incredibly satisfying.
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