staying active in Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico filter: Rock climbing, yoga, beach, hiking, other activities and general suggestions and tips needed!

I'm going to be staying near Vega Alta/Dorado, Puerto Rico until mid-March for work. I will be doing all the touristy/cultural stuff with coworkers, but they are not into climbing/yoga/etc. I would like to continue my current hobbies and activities while I am there.

Climbing. My biggest concern is not climbing for 2 months. I hear that there is a climbing gym in San Juan, but I hear that it's pretty terrible with concrete floors and no crash pads for rent. Is it worth checking out? Are there other climbing gyms?
- Are there any bouldering spots right on a sandy beach? (I won't have a crash pad with me because I'm already packing too much stuff, so it'd be nice to jump/fall on the sand)
- Are there groups or guides that I can join/meetup with and go climb with for the day (I'm willing to pay, but don't want a ridiculously expensive touristy climb/rappel package type thing)
- My friends will come down for a week, and we'd like to do some sport climbing (they would bring all gear). I found a few websites describing climbing areas, but which spots are the best?
- Any specific tips/advice about climbing in PR?

Yoga. I've searched and didn't find anything good, and I'll ask around once I'm there, but do any mefites know of any yoga studios you can recommend not far from Vega Alta or Barceloneta?

Beach. Are the beaches in the area safe for swimming by yourself? Are there sharks or crabs or anything that can hurt you? Is that a stupid question? I love swimming but have a pretty substantial fear of unknown waters, and I'll be by myself a lot of the time.
- Wind surfing/water skiing would be awesome to try. Any good places for that?

Hiking. Good hiking areas nearby?

Any other recommendations for activities? Any safety tips regarding any of the above?

Keep in mind that my Spanish is pretty terrible, so English speaking places would be awesome. Thanks!
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The best beach, IMO, is in Culebra (a ferry ride and/or short flight over)... water clear as glass, and sun-drenched white sandy beach that seem to go on for miles.
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