How to disable data package and sell new iPad?
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Got an iPad 3G in October with data usage paid by relative. Never opened it and am looking to sell it. How to disable the AT&T data usage and to sell it?

I received an iPad 3G from a relative as a gift, in addition to data usage with AT&T. For various reasons, I don't want the iPad. It has never been opened and is in the original plastic packaging.

I'd like to disable the data package usage (paid for by the relative) and then sell it.

I am a tech noob and not entirely sure how all of this works.

How would I go about selling the new, unopened iPad and disabling the data package? I also have a nice black leather case with it, valued at about $40 or so.

I'd like to sell it for as much as I can get for it.

It seems that Apple's return policy is within 14 days of purchase, which is long gone by now.

Thanks in advance.
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You want to cancel the contract for the data package? Then you need to talk to your relative.
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Have you spoken to Apple? I was recently able to return something beyond the return window because it was clearly in its original unopened packaging. They just needed to have a manager sign off on it. (admittedly, my item was cheaper than a 3G iPad, but still -- it's worth a shot)
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I'm not sure how you could have an active data plan on an unopened iPad. I thought you could only register/activate/deactivate the data plan from the iPad itself...
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the iPad data plans don't work like cellular phone plans - there's no contract, it's all month-to-month, and (from what I can tell) you can't buy the data plan without actually using the iPad. so, since you've never opened it, the data plan hasn't been activated. not sure how your relative is paying for the data, if they are at all (I can't find any options on AT&T Wireless or Apple to buy iPad data plans), but if they are then they'll need to be the ones to cancel it.

misterbrandt has a good plan there (if you can find a nice manager - keep in mind it's really not that hard to find a shrinkwrap machine). otherwise, since it's unopened, you can put it up on eBay at the original purchase price or maybe purchase price minus a small amount (or throw in the case or something) and it ought to sell. a quick look at eBay shows that even used 3G 16GB iPads are going for not much less than it would cost to buy a new one.
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Take the sim card out. The data plan is attached to the sim card, not the iPad.
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Wouldn't the package have to be opened to take the sim card out?
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It's not possible to buy an iPad with an active data plan. If it's unopened, there is no data plan yet.

Your local Apple store may be able to help. Their policy is 14 days, but I recently returned an opened iPad 16 3G (girlfriend received as a gift, gave her my 16 WiFi) for store credit towards a new 64 3G. The iPad was opened, and not even purchased at *any* Apple store. They happily accepted it back without restocking fees (which I was prepared to pay anyway).

You may not be as fortunate, but it wouldn't hurt to try. They seemed intent on keeping me a customer, though I certainly didn't need any convincing.

If they don't accept it back, you should have no trouble selling it for a fair price.
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SantaLiqueur is correct. An iPad has to be opened and turned on in order to activate the data plan. It's easy to check for this because if the iPad box still shrinkwrapped, it hasn't been activated. You could sell it on Ebay, or endeavor to return the device to the Apple Store and see if they'll give you store credit for it (should you want to put the money toward something else).
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