seeking a home for eight zillion CDs.
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Looking to donate a large amount of CDs. Prefer to keep them together. Difficulty: would like to part with them in one week. Boston area but am willing to look further afield.

I inherited a large amount of CDs from a close relative (nine large moving boxes full of them-- it might not sound like much, but trust me, it's a lot). I am ripping them to an external hard drive, and since I really don't have anywhere to keep them (and because I'd really like them to do good for someone else), I'd like to donate them. I know CDs aren't worth much to anyone anymore, but my aunt worked in the music business and some of these are really neat-- advance listens, weird promotional packaging, box sets, etc. Together they paint a really great picture of popular music from the 80s, 90s, and early 00s. I think together they have an archival value greater than the individual parts. I'd also like to keep them together so I can make it into some sort of memorial collection in her name. I could separate them and just put individual "in memory of" thingies on each, but I'd rather not if possible. On the one hand, it would be really nice for me and for my family to know that these went to some sort of memorial collection rather than scattered to the winds, but on the other hand, I don't want to be a problem donor who lets my interests take precedence over where actual needs lie.

I know libraries accept CDs, but I'm pretty sure they usually end up getting sold off to benefit the library, and while that's all well and good, I don't want these to just end up in another private person's hands.

My relative was a lesbian, out beginning in a time when that was a lot less accepted, so if you know of any sort of LBGT charity I think that would be particularly fitting. But I'm certainly not in the position to be picky.

Any ideas? This sort of thing is very hard to google for. I'm moving in a week and would ideally donate them by then, but if I have a good lead I can store them for a little while if necessary.
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There's no Half Price Books near you, so there goes my suggestion, but maybe look for another store or chain that buys used and sells used media?
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Never mind, I skipped over the part where you don't want to part them out.
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The Lesbian Herstory Archives.
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Response by poster: Oh wow, awesome, brujita. That's just the sort of perfect thing that I never ever would have been able to find on my own. I'm going to wait a little while to mark as best answer, because I want to encourage people to leave more options (and please do, onlookers!), but that sounds great, and I'm definitely going to give them a call tomorrow. Thanks a million!
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Berklee College of Music has a very extensive CD collection. I can't promise you they'd want to keep the whole collection together, since they may have a lot of these things already, but it might be worth a shot. I'd probably try the guy listed as the Media Center Manager here.
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The radio station at my college had a massive record collection. The records are treated very well and never sold off because they are in direct care of students, not the organization. Maybe one of the colleges in the Boston area would love a collection of CDs.
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miscbuff has a great idea. Winthrop's radio station also had a collection of CDs for people who wanted to do a radio show but didn't have music of their own.

I know that sounds silly. But I sort of wish that I'd done a few shows where I just grabbed things off the shelf and saw what good stuff I could come across.
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WERS is based in Boston, non-profit, and very serious about their radio station.
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